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Bodymax CF530 Elite Multi-Lever System Review

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The Bodymax CF530 Elite Multi-Lever System is another of the high quality lever systems produced by Bodymax that offers one of the widest ranges of exercises outside of a commercial multi gym.


Preacher curl and leg extension station

[one_half]The widest range of exercises is possible from the seat behind the preacher curl pad. From here you can perform 4 main exercises, with numerous variations on these exercises also possible.

Starting with the lat pulldown, because of the two pairs of handles at different widths apart this gives you the option to either perform close grip or wide grip pulldowns.

Your hand position can also be altered between overhand and underhand to give you even more options and focus on developing slightly different areas of your back.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]The Bodymax CF530 Seated Row is interchangeable with a preacher curl attachment[/one_half_last]

The main preacher curl pad and handles provide the opportunity to add bicep exercises to your workout. If you want to use the leg developer and find the handles of the preacher curl getting in the way, you can simply remove the pin that holds the handles in place and slide the preacher pad out of the rack to give yourself more space.

The resistance for the preacher curl and leg extension is created by the weight pegs at the front of the leg extension bar, which can be loaded to a maximum weight of 112kg (250lb).

When the preacher curl pad is removed, this also gives you room to perform seated crunches. The bars to hold onto adjust to a position that is comfortable for you to grip, with the resistance generated by the weight plates you add to the weight peg on the back of the back rest.

The Bodymax CF530 Elite Multi-Lever System also comes with an attachment to replace the preacher curl pad and handles in the form of a seated row. This is a padded section for resting your chest against and handles that allow you to grip with your palms facing to perform seated rows, which are a very effective exercise for building thickness in your upper and middle back muscles.


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[one_half_last]Bodymax CF530 Elite Multi-Lever System Gym[/one_half_last]


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Bodymax CF530 Elite Multi-Lever System Gym – Features Summary

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  • Chest Shoulder Press – 225Kg/500lb
  • Squat Station – 225Kg/500lb
  • Lat Pulldown – 180Kg/400lb
  • Leg Developer – 112Kg/250lb
  • Preacher Curl – 90Kg/200lb
  • Ab Crunch – 68Kg/150lb
  • Lever lat pulldown, Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Pullover, Leg Curl/Extension, Squat Station, Free standing flat/incline decline bench



Bodymax CF530 Shoulder Press Station

With the bench being free standing, this gives you many more options for free weight exercises when combined with a set of dumbbells compared to a fixed bench.

The angle of the bench can be adjusted to nearly vertical and used with the shoulder press lever, as well as flat, incline and decline positions for focussing on different sections of your chest when performing free weight exercises.

As with all of the exercises you can perform with the Bodymax CF530, the shoulder press moves through a fixed range of motion with a platform to rest the weight on at the end of the exercise for added stability and to prevent injury.


Hack squats

The third main workout station that comes with the Bodymax CF530 is the hack squat.

With a large foot plate positioned at an angle that matches the padded shoulder rests above, this puts you in a better position to perform standing calf raises to build your calf muscles up after exercising your quads on the leg developer.


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