Bodymax CF610 Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench

Bodymax CF610 Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench

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The Bodymax CF610 Adjustable Hyper Extension bench features a solid frame construction with a 45 degree incline position to provide a stable and effective way of working your lower back, erector spinae, glutes, and even obliques.


Bench design features

The Bodymax CF610 hyper extension bench has been designed to provide an effective way of performing hyper extensions from your own home gym, thanks to its high build quality and comparatively low cost.

Although there are hyper extension benches that require your body to be in a horizontal position before starting the exercise, it is often more difficult to get into this initial starting position.

This is why the Bodymax CF610 has been designed with the main frame at a 45 degree angle, with an extra wide base stabilizer bar provided as a platform to rest your toes on.

Due to the hyper extension being considered an isolation exercise for your back, it’s important to prevent your lower body from moving during the movement.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Bodymax CF610 Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench

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To ensure this is done as comfortably as possible, the Bodymax CF610 includes both a set of padded foam rollers and a pair of padded support sections.

The padded leg rollers have been added and contoured to prevent your calves from lifting up during the exercise, providing an effective ‘anchor point’.

With the majority of your weight being positioned at the top of the bench, the two larger padded sections have been added to keep the exercise as comfortable as possible.

The final two features worth mentioning are the set of handles positioned just under the main padded sections, and the adjustable height settings.

Having the set of handles makes it so much easier to position yourself on the machine before the exercise as well as providing support when you finish your set, while the adjustable height settings ensure this bench is suitable for a range of user heights.


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Bodymax CF610 – Features Summary



  • Easy to grip handles to provide extra stability when starting and finishing your set
  • Two thickly padded cushioning areas to reduce the pressure on your quadriceps
  • Easily adjustable height setting
  • Contoured foam rollers to reduce the pressure on your calf muscles
  • Base stabilizer bar and rubber feet help prevent any unwanted movement in the bench




What is a hyper extension?

[one_half]Hyper extensions are an exercise where your thighs are positioned on a large pad while your lower legs are placed under a bracing point to create a pivot point at your waist.

To complete a repetition you then simply need to lower your upper body to a suitable angle, before using your hips and back muscles to bring your upper body back up until it is in line with your lower body.

To increase the intensity you can either choose to extend your arms out in front of you instead of crossing them at your chest, or grip a weight plate to increase the resistance.

It’s important when performing this exercise to make sure that you don’t arch your back and try to bring your upper body up too far. At the top of the range of motion your body should perform a nearly straight line.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Bodymax CF610 Adjustable Hyper Extension Bench[/one_half_last]

As well as using the Bodymax CF610 bench to perform hyper extensions, it’s also possible to perform a variation where you are positioned sideways against the bench.

Hyper extension side crunches follow a similar range of motion where your upper body pivots at the waist while your lower body stays still, but focuses more on the oblique muscles instead of the lower back and glutes.


Benefits of adding hyper extensions to your workouts

In terms of overall mass building exercises for your back, hyper extensions will never be top of the list, but this is because they are much more focused on developing your lower back and Erector Spinae in a way other exercises can’t.

If you don’t enjoy deadlifts or can’t perform the exercise due to an injury, hyper extensions can be added instead as an exercise to help isolate the lower and middle back.

But hyper extensions don’t just have to be included as an alternative to other exercises.

With the Bodymax CF610 featuring a triangular shaped frame design, this creates the perfect place to rest a weight plate. Weight plates can be gripped once you get into position to increase the resistance beyond the weight of your upper body to progressively increase the intensity of the exercise.


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