Bodymax CF666 Lever Bench Press

Bodymax CF666 Lever Bench Press Review

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The Bodymax CF666 Lever Bench Press is a lever system that focuses entirely on your chest and shoulder development.

The angle of the bench can be easily adjusted by pulling out the pin and sliding the seat to a position that puts the bench at your desired angle and locking the pin in place.

Bench angles and lever height adjustment

Bodymax CF666 with the bench adjusted for shoulder presses


The angle of the seat rail allows you to change between flat, incline, decline and even nearly vertical. Whichever position you adjust the bench to, you can adjust the lever pressing arm to be at a suitable level for that exercise.

This can be done by adjusting the metal pin at the top of the main support frame to be at one of the 8 positions that puts the weight at the best level for your exercise.

A section of padding has been added to the section of each lever bar that rests on this pin to help prevent scratches or damage to the finish and quality of the pressing bars.

With the locking pin positioned at its lowest setting and the bench at its lowest angle, you can also use the Bodymax CF666 for standing shrugs. By positioning your legs on either side of the bench and holding the horizontal section of the handles this creates the perfect range of motion for further development of your shoulders and traps.

You can perform this exercise either facing the weight or facing the foot rest bars depending on the angle you want to target your upper back muscles from.

Bodymax CF666 Lever Bench Press

Bodymax CF666 Lever Bench Press – Features Summary

  • Provides safe and effective chest and shoulder press workouts.
  • Flat, incline, decline and military positions available
  • Fully adjustable seat and press arm.
  • Bearings are present on the press arm pivot points and copper bushings cover the pivot points.
  • The design of the machine also allows for the standing shoulder shrugs and bend rowing.
  • Dual weight plate holders for Olympic and standard disc storage.
  • Suitable for Olympic and standard disc weights and plates. Weight discs not included.

Design features and grip design

The handle design on the Bodymax CF666 lever has also been angled so that you can have your hands at different positions depending on the area of your shoulder or chest you want to focus on.

When bench pressing, if you keep your hands on the horizontal grips then this will focus on overall chest development. This is compared to if you position your hands to be facing each other on the grips section that run parallel to each other, where you will focus more on outer chest and tricep development.

Bodymax CF666 Lever Bench Press

The entire handle section has also been coated with a rubber material to help improve your grip when using heavier weights.

As well as the main bench and shoulder press function of the Bodymax CF666, you also have two weight plate pegs to help store the weight plates when not in use.

A final feature that can be useful for when you position the bench in the higher incline or vertical positions is the foot rest bars at the front of the frame. Some people find that by pressing their feet against these bars it creates a more stable lifting platform than having their feet on the ground.

Bodymax CF666 Lever Bench

Overall the Bodymax CF666 Lever Bench Press is a very safe and effective bench press machine that makes it perfect for home use.

Although changing the locking pin will usually require you to take the weight off the pressing arm to lift the arm up and change the pin height, this will usually be done only a couple of times per workout when you want to train a different muscle group.

The weight plate storage and foot rest pegs are a nice addition, and having such a wide range of angles you can adjust the bench and the main lever pressing arm to means you can still use the Bodymax CF666 for a range of exercises even with a limited space.

Product dimensions: 190cm (L) x 120cm (W) x 115cm (H)

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Bench Press.

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