Bodymax Deluxe 25kg Rubber Dumbbell Kit

Bodymax Deluxe 25kg Rubber Dumbbell Kit

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One of the most recent additions to the Bodymax range of weightlifting equipment is the Bodymax Deluxe 25kg Rubber Dumbbell kit. An excellent choice for home workouts, this product article takes a look at the set in a bit more detail, including various design features and some possible exercise options.


Design features

The rubber coated handles help you maintain a comfortable grip on the dumbbells throughout your set

When it comes to choosing the best dumbbell set to suit your workouts, it can be difficult to decide which style to buy. With fixed weight, adjustable, and weight plate versions all available, which set you prefer will usually be a case of personal preference.

That being said, if you want to workout without worrying about damaging your floors from dropping weight plates and want a set that’s quieter to use than the cast iron designs, then this Bodymax set could be a good choice.

The spinlock collar design allows you to quickly adjust the number and size of weight plates you have loaded on the bar, while keeping the plates held securely in place when performing your exercise.

To ensure you have a comfortable grip on the dumbbells throughout your set, each handle has been rubber coated and contoured to help improve your grip and get those all important last few reps.

Although the plates provided with the Bodymax Deluxe 25kg Rubber dumbbell kit total around 25kg, as you get stronger you can always buy individual plates to increase the weight and keep making those strength gains.


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Bodymax Deluxe 25kg Rubber Dumbbell Kit – Features Summary

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  • Rubber handle for comfortable grip
  • Secure spin-lock collars
  • Rubber flooring-friendly discs
  • Free exercise wallchart
  • Extremely durable



Benefits of dumbbell workouts

Whether you are looking to buy your first piece of weightlifting equipment or simply looking to improve on your current setup, dumbbells remain one of the most popular and effective additions for home gyms around the world.

While multi gyms and weights benches tend to require a lot of floor space to setup and use properly, this particular style of dumbbell can be broken down into a neat stack of plates and a couple of bars in seconds.

As well as their compact design, apart from a few of the higher quality multi gyms there’s no other piece of workout equipment that allows you to perform such a wide range of exercises.


Exercise options

Although how effective you find dumbbells is relative to your own strength level, if 12.5kg dumbbells are enough to stress your muscles within the intended set and rep range then you can still benefit from this set.

The following is a list of exercises you can include in your workouts, covering both upper body and lower body training (when combined with a high quality weights bench):
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  • Chest – Dumbbell flys, flat bench press, incline bench press
  • Back – Dumbbell rows, pullovers
  • Shoulders – Upright rows, side lateral raises, front raises, seated shoulder press
  • Triceps – Lying tricep extensions, dumbbell kickbacks, overhead dumbbell extension
  • Biceps – Dumbbell curl, incline hammer curl, seated concentration curl
  • Legs – Lunges, squats, stiff-legged deadlifts



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