Bodymax IT9334 Cable Crossover Machine

Bodymax IT9334 Cable Crossover Machine

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The Bodymax IT9334 Cable crossover machine is one of the most feature packed crossover machines available today. As well as the main cable crossover pulley system you can perform a range of exercises to work all the muscles in the upper body from a variety of angles.

Starting with the main cable crossover cables, these are fully adjustable to lock in place either at a high position (working the middle and upper chest), mid height position (working mainly the middle and lower chest) or a low position (mainly working the lower chest).

There are many reasons why cable crossover machines are so popular, with the main two being the safety of moving the weight through a fixed plane of motion, and the fact that they are so versatile in the amount of angles and exercises you can perform.


Exercises possible with the Bodymax IT9334 Cable Crossover Machine

If you don’t want to use both handles at the same time, you can slide the pin out of one cable pulley and slide it to the bottom of the tower to work your bicep muscles with cable curls, or shoulder muscles with upright rows.

If you want to work your triceps or back muscles then you can slide the cable pulley to the top and perform either tricep pushdowns or lat pushdowns, where you keep your arms outstretched and bring the bar from a position just above your eye line down to be next to your sides.

But the main back exercises you can perform with the Bodymax IT9334 Cable Crossover machine are the different variations of pull ups. There are two main supporting bars at the top of the machine which prevent any rocking when doing pull ups, and the angle and shape of the pull up handles means you can perform either wide grip, narrow grip, or palms facing pull ups depending on what section of your back you want to focus on and how much work you want to do with your biceps.

As well as the main towers having square feet to add to add stability, this is also improved through the addition of two extra legs that are attached to each of the main towers. These have been designed in such a way as to provide added stability and safety when performing exercises, without getting in the way when using the cable crossover.


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Bodymax IT9334 Cable Crossover Machine – Features Summary



  • Bodymax IT Line is a range of premium commercial fitness products designed to withstand the rigours of a busy fitness centre gymnasium
  • The Bodymax IT9334 Cable Crossover Machine has 2 x 125kg (2 x 275lb) weight stacks sand stack guards for added safety.
  • Stack guards included for added safety
  • Yellow weight selector and seat adjustment pins to assist the visually impaired




With weight stacks weighing in at 125kg each the Bodymax IT9334 is a cable crossover machine that offers some of the heaviest resistance of any home or commercial cable crossover machine, and makes it clear that this was designed with longevity in mind. It certainly isn’t a machine that you will outgrow. For added safety with such heavy weight in each stack, Bodymax have added stack guards to each of the weight stacks.

In terms of the overall design, Bodymax have clearly made the IT9334 crossover machine as aesthetically pleasing as possible, with the silver finish and curved angles, together with the smooth action that makes it so easy and effective to use.

Being part of the Bodymax IT range, this cable crossover machine has been developed as a premium quality piece of exercise equipment that has been made with strong enough materials to withstand years of use either in a busy gymnasium or as part of a home gym.



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