Bodymax Pro 2 Lat Pulldown Machine

Bodymax Pro II Lat Pulldown and Low Pulley Machine

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The Bodymax Pro II Lat Pulldown and Low Pulley Machine has been designed purely for working your back muscles.

The machine comes with two main features instead of just the usual wide pulldown cable. As well as this there is a cable attachment lower down the machine directly in front of the padded rollers. This additional cable section has been included to allow you to perform seated rows with a cable attachment that has handles in a position so as to keep your hands facing each other.


Main exercises possible with the Bodymax Pro II Lat Pulldown machine

With your hands in this position and the padded seat being extra long to give you more stretch in your back muscles when performing the seated rows, this exercise will help to add overall thickness and strength to your entire back.

The Bodymax Pro II Lat Pulldown machine also has a thick bar with textured foot rests underneath the seated row attachment which is also raised off the ground slightly, so you can either choose to rest your feet on top for added stability, or wrap them underneath when using the machine for the higher lat pulldown exercises.

Being comfortable and not being able to slide around when performing lat pulldown exercises are two very important factors to look for when choosing a lat pulldown machine.

With the Bodymax Pro II there is the foot rest bar to wrap your feet under as well as the padded rollers to lock your legs underneath to stop you rising up off the seat when using heavier weights. The height of the padded leg rollers is adjustable to provide total comfort when in use.

The Bodymax Pro II Lat Pulldown machine also comes with several nice little design features, like the hooks to rest the cable attachments on to make them easier to reach after not being in use and the colour coded weight stack to clearly show the different resistance levels.


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Bodymax Pro II Lat Pulldown – Features Summary


  • Bodymax Pro II Lat Pulldown/Low Pulley Combines two of the important back exercises in one machine
  • Bodymax Pro II Lat Pulldown/Low pulley is a superb space-saving multi function unit
  • Features 114Kg (250lb) weight stacks plus stack guard
  • Adjustable Knee Pad
  • Feature User Instruction Plackards
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    The thicker wide pulldown bar has also been specially coated throughout to prevent any slipping when using heavier weights and to make sure you can pull the bar all the way to your chest without worrying about losing grip.

    Because the high pulley is positioned directly above the padded leg rollers this means you can also press your back up against them while facing away from the weight stack, and use the wide pulldown cable and bar for performing behind the neck pulldowns which are a great exercise for developing the backs of your shoulders and trapezius muscles.

    With over 100kg of weight (114kg) in the main stack, the Bodymax Pro II comes with more weight than the average lat pulldown machine.

    One final feature worth noting is the weight guard across the front of the weight stack. There is a gap for changing the weight pin to a higher or lower resistance but the rest of the weight stack is well protected.




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