Bodymax Pro Revolving Straight Bar Attachment

Bodymax Pro Revolving Straight Bar Attachment

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Together with the single handle attachment, the Bodymax Pro Revolving Bar attachment utilises the classic straight bar design but with some useful extra features.


Design features

[one_half]While there may not be the same wide variation in design features as when comparing multi gyms, there are certainly still a few important things to look for when choosing a straight bar attachment.

The main 3 points to look for are the length of the bar, how well the central eyelet section can rotate and whether the handle grips have any coating applied.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Bodymax Pro Revolving Straight Bar Attachment [/one_half_last]

The coating is important due to the effect it has on your grip. The rubber bar ends attached to the Bodymax Pro Revolving bar help to prevent the bar from slipping out of your hands if your hands are sweaty.


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Bodymax Pro Revolving Straight Bar Attachment – Features Summary


  • Solid steel construction
  • Freely rotating cable attachment eyelet
  • High quality welds
  • Rubber bar ends for ultimate grip, even when sweaty
  • Large eyelet hole for even the most heavy duty carabiners
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    The rubber also helps to add an element of comfort to the exercise and prevents any damage to your hands that can be seen with cheaper designs that use a crosshatched marking when lifting heavier weights.

    [two_third]Although the rubber grip sections don’t extend the full length of the bar, this helps to create a section in the middle just wide enough to fit your hands side by side.

    This can be useful when performing bicep curls when you want to focus more on developing the short head of the muscle or brachialis, where you won’t be lifting as much weight as the wide grip variation.

    One final point worth mentioning is the design of the caps at each end of the bar. Being made slightly wider than the main length of the attachment means you have something for the outer edge of your hand to press up against on wide grip curls and extensions.

    This means you don’t have to worry about one of your hands slipping from the end of bar during the exercise.



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