Bodymax Pro Seated Row Cable Attachment
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Bodymax Pro Seated Row Cable Attachment

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The Bodymax Pro Seated Row Cable Attachment has been designed to be used for various back exercises in conjunction with a cable workout machine, such as a multi gym.

This is one of the great benefits of multi gyms and cable machines, in that the resistance has a fixed limit but you can use various cable attachments to make a whole new range of exercises possible.

The Bodymax Pro Seated Row attachment has been designed to be both ergonomically effective and comfortable to grip.

[one_half]The solid frame design means there is essentially no limit to the amount of weight you can use it to lift. If the cable can take the weight then this attachment won’t let you down.

Where many cable attachments use metal throughout, the Bodymax Pro Seated Row attachment has also included rubber grip sections on the handles.

As well as helping to protect your hands and even help you lift more weight without the need for straps, these have been specially contoured to better fit your palm when held.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Bodymax Pro Seated Row Cable Attachment[/one_half_last]


Different styles of seated row attachment

The distance that the handles are apart is an important thing to consider when buying a seated row attachment such as this. Being positioned close together like this means that your back muscles will be stretched more on the eccentric motion (when you are letting the cable return to its starting point in a rep).

There are also seated row cable attachments where the handles are positioned much further apart such as the Bodymax Pro Dual Purpose attachment. These are more designed for lat pulldowns but can also be used for seated rows.

Most people will find that having the handles closer together when rowing or doing lat pulldowns helps develop back thickness, while having the handles further apart means you keep the focus more on your outer lats and develops back width instead.


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Bodymax Pro Seated Row Cable Attachment – Features Summary


  • Ergonomic design
  • Chrome plated solid steel
  • Rubber grip handles
  • 360 degree rotating connection point
  • High quality welds ensure optimum strength
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    Benefits of cable rows

    Exercises for your back are usually grouped into being designed for increasing width or thickness. While the Bodymax Pro Seated row attachment can be used for rows, there’s nothing to stop you from attaching it to a high cable and performing pulldowns.

    Cable attachments offer a wide range of exercise variations for every muscle group

    Both variations help to develop overall back thickness due to the handles being so close together.

    If you are pulling the cable attachment all the way to your body on the contraction, then this usually puts your hands either just in front of your abs (seated rows) or in the middle of your chest (pulldowns).

    By keeping your hands this close together it helps to get a fuller contraction in back muscles such as your lats and traps.

    This exercise will also help to keep your upper body balanced if you put a lot of emphasis on training your front delts or on chest presses.



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