Bodymax Pro Triceps Pulldown Bar Attachment

Bodymax Pro Triceps Pull Down Bar Attachment

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The Bodymax Pro Triceps Pulldown attachment has been designed to attach to what would normally be a carabiner clip on a high cable pulley to allow you to add tricep pushdowns to your workouts.


Design features

[one_half]Although there seems like very little difference between different types of tricep pushdown bar, there are actually a few important factors that can really make the difference between using the attachment effectively and not.

The most important design feature to look for is the angle of the steel at the connection point to the cable.

If the attachment is angled too wide then it will feel like too much of a straight pressdown and not work the medial head of the tricep as effectively.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Bodymax Pro Triceps Pull Down Bar Attachment[/one_half_last]

Of course, although the Bodymax Pro Triceps Pulldown attachment is labelled as a tricep attachment, the angle can also be perfect for curling exercises to work your biceps.

Due to the angle of the hand positioning this type of curl would focus much more on the short head and brachialis sections of the bicep, which is worth considering if these are areas of the muscle you are looking to improve on.


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Bodymax Pro Triceps Pull Down Bar Attachment – Features Summary


  • Solid steel construction
  • Highest quality welds for strength and safety
  • Textured rubber grips
  • Large eyelet even for the biggest carabiner
  • Circular base plates to prevent loss of control
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    This particular design also features textured rubber grips which have been ergonomically designed to better fit the shape of your palm when gripped.

    The rubber material is wrapped tightly around the bar to make sure it doesn’t slide up or down during the exercise and helps to prevent the attachment from twisting and damaging your hands.

    One final design point worth mentioning is the size and style of the base plates. There is one of these positioned at each end of the attachment which each has a completely flat surface around the weld.

    This is important for both curling and pushdown exercises, as this is the surface your hand will be pushing against to create the pressure to move the resistance.



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