Bodymax 32.5kg Selectabell Dumbbells

Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbells 2 x 32.5kg

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The Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbells, at a weight of 32.5kg per dumbbell, have been designed primarily for anyone looking for a good quality set of dumbbells for use at home or for personal trainers who need to travel around a lot.

Thanks to the easy way that these dumbbells can be adjusted, by pressing down on the small red button and rotating the large dial to the weight that you want to lift, you effectively have 12 sets of dumbbells in one.

With the added benefit of being made from steel instead of plastic, this means the Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbells take up less space than similar designs made from rubber.

Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbells 2 x 32.5kg

Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbells 2 x 32.5kg – Features Summary

  • 12 different weights in one dumbbell
  • 5Kg to 32.5Kg (11-71.5lb) maximum weight on each dumbbell
  • Easy to use – Simply rotate the dial and lift
  • Robust design and build quality
  • The UK’s best selling adjustable dumbbell

Whereas many dumbbells have been designed with a handle that is metal with a crosshatch pattern to improve grip, this is still prone to slipping when you get up to heavier weights and you start to sweat during your workout.

To help prevent this, Bodymax Selectabell dumbbells have their handles designed with a mixture of rubber and metal textured grip sections. This keeps the diameter of the bar low while still helping you to hold onto the weight without needing to rely on lifting straps. This has the added benefit of helping to build your grip strength.

Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbell Stand

If you have used dumbbells before either at a gym or at home then you will know how important it is to be able to store your dumbbells securely. It not only helps keep them in good condition, but also prevents them from getting mixed up and not being able to find the correct sizes.

While mixing up the sizes isn’t an issue with the Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbells, you can purchase the Bodymax 32.5Kg Selectabell Dumbbell Stand which has been custom designed to store the weight plates you aren’t using from this dumbbell set and make it easier to rack the weights and change the weight.

This comes with four wheels that will help make moving the dumbbells easier, and can be locked in position when in use.

Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbells

The Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbells (2 x 32.5kg) has enough different weight possibilities to make it an effective set for a number of exercises from shoulder presses to bicep curls.

If you are looking to buy a set of dumbbells that are adjustable but still offer the heavy weight that normally only comes with fixed weight dumbbells, then this is the dumbbell set for you.

Product weight: 65kg (2 x 32.5kg dumbbells)

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Dumbbells.

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