Bodymax Tricep Rope Cable Attachment

Bodymax Tricep Rope Cable Attachment

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If you are looking to get the most out of any cable machine it’s necessary to have a good selection of cable attachments.

A high quality attachment such as The Bodymax Tricep Rope makes a whole range of exercises possible that just can’t be performed any other way with a cable machine.

The metal connector has been designed to fit comfortably around the diameter of the rope to make sure it doesn’t slide around when being used, while at the same time allowing you to adjust the position if required.[/one_half]
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The thickness of the rope ensures that you will also be improving your grip and forearm strength no matter which exercise you use it for.

Whether you are looking to use the Bodymax Tricep Rope attachment for tricep pressdowns, bicep curls or even upright rows, the high quality rubber handles give you a solid base to rest your hands against.


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Bodymax Tricep Rope Cable Attachment – Features Summary


  • Heavy duty
  • Long lasting
  • Tough rope
  • Rubber handles
  • Easy to use
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    Exercises possible with the rope cable attachment

    Although the name suggests the Bodymax Tricep rope attachment can only be used for tricep pushdowns, there is actually a whole range of exercises this can be used for.

    Standing rope pressdowns – Due to the flexibility of the rope this makes the rope pressdown very different to the straight bar version and focuses on different areas of the tricep.

    Rope curl – The reverse of the standing rope pressdown, this keeps your hands much closer together than the standard barbell curl and helps to focus more on the brachialis as well as the short and long heads of the bicep muscle.

    Overhead tricep extensions – Requiring a high cable pulley, this exercise is performed in a similar way to the standing pressdowns, but pushes the weight out in front of you instead of down. This works more of the lateral head of the tricep for better overall muscle development.

    Upright rows – Although usually performed using a straight bar, a rope attachment can also be used for upright rows. The flexibility of the rope makes this version excellent for anyone with wrist injuries or who finds the rigidity of the straight bar uncomfortable.

    Face pulls – A relatively new exercise, again requiring a high cable pulley. The two ends of the rope are gripped and pulled towards you in a higher version of a pulldown.

    This is usually performed when standing and works the rear delts, traps and forearms.



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