Bodymax Zenith Flat Olympic Weight Bench

Bodymax Zenith Flat Olympic Weight Bench Review

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The Bodymax Zenith Flat Olympic Weight Bench is a weights bench designed with levels of strength and build quality that are usually only reserved for the strength training equipment you find in commercial gyms.


Bench design features

Bodymax Zenith Flat Olympic Weight Bench

As with any item of weightlifting equipment in the Zenith range, the Bodymax Zenith Flat Olympic bench has been designed with strength in mind.

These levels of strength and quality are what set this range of equipment apart, making this bench suitable for full commercial use, as well as being an excellent addition to any home gym.

The most important thing to remember when buying any bench is where the main support point is. This has to be below where the weight will be moved most often, which has successfully been achieved with this Bodymax design.

An extra supporting bar has been added to join the underside of the bench to the main frame from towards the middle of the bench, where the most pressure will be weighing down when bench pressing.

To give this additional support bar a strong point to join the main frame, two horizontal support bars have been added to the front of the barbell rack instead of just one.

This strong, robust build quality can be found throughout the Bodymax Zenith Flat Olympic bench, together with 4 weight plate storage pegs that have been added to help make organising your weight plates easier.

Although there are no safety rails to prevent the bar from dropping below a certain point, more space has been created behind the head section of the bench to allow a spotter to allow room for a spotter.


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Bodymax Zenith Flat Olympic Weight Bench – Features Summary

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  • Strong, robust build quality
  • Suitable for full commercial use
  • 2 individual bar positions
  • Comes with Olympic storage pins



Benefits of having a strong bench press

With the main measurable difference between weights benches being the amount of weight they can support, it can be useful to assess your long term strength goals before deciding on which bench to buy.

Two separate racking points make this bench well suited to a range of different user heights

While a lower priced bench may support your current strength levels, with many only supporting up to 200kg, it may be worth looking at stronger designs such as the Bodymax Zenith Flat Olympic bench.

Having a strong bench press is important to support overall muscle development, as well as helping to increase your strength gains in isolation exercises such as cable crossovers or dumbbell flys.

The strength you gain in the bench press will mainly be around your chest, triceps, and shoulders, which can convert well into everyday functional movements.


Price comparison with similarly priced benches

While this particular design is excellent for commercial use, many people simply won’t have the space to allocate to such a permanent item of strength training equipment.

If this is the case but you still want a strong bench, the Bodymax CF430 usually retails for around £160, with a recommended weight limit of 363kg.

Although this doesn’t have the barbell rack or weight plate storage pegs, it can be a good choice for anyone that is more limited on space, or even if you just prefer dumbbell workouts.

If you would prefer a bench that offers slightly less strength (272kg limit, £430 approx.), but offers various incline levels and a walk-in squat rack option, then the Marcy Bruce Lee Olympic weight bench could be a good choice.


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