Bodymax Zenith Incline Olympic Bench

Bodymax Zenith Incline Olympic Weight Bench

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The Bodymax Zenith Incline Olympic weight bench has been designed specifically around the incline barbell bench press, with design features such as a ‘spotter’ platform making it perfect for use in commercial as well as home gyms.


Design features

Bodymax Zenith Incline Olympic Weight Bench

The Bodymax Zenith Incline bench is one of the only commercial style workout benches readily available to buy for use in home gyms.

There are several main design features that make this bench stand out as suitable for commercial use:
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  • Increased weight limit
  • Specifically designed ‘spotter’ platform
  • Weight plate storage pegs for Olympic weight plates
  • Multiple fixed bar positions


One of the main advantages of a fixed position bench without the adjustable back support angles is that the weight limit is often substantially higher.

The entire frame has also been designed around a specific plane of motion for the bar, ensuring that your upper body is positioned in the best way to make the incline barbell bench press effective.

While the angle of the seat is also fixed, the height can be adjusted to change the position of your chest under the bar. This helps to make the Bodymax Zenith Incline Olympic bench suitable for a range of different user heights.

While having a spotter platform isn’t always necessary with a flat bench, it’s certainly a useful addition when performing the incline bench press without safety bars.

With the range of motion being much higher than for the flat barbell bench press, the platform makes it much easier to assist in returning the bar to one of the rack positions when ‘spotting’ someone on their set.


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Bodymax Zenith Incline Bench – Features Summary

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  • Strong, robust build quality
  • Suitable for full commercial use
  • 2 individual bar positions
  • Comes with Olympic storage pins



What is Bodymax Zenith?

The Bodymax Zenith Line equipment has been designed specifically with more of a commercial focus, so you can expect to see higher weight limits on products such as benches compared to their other product ranges.

The extra strength and durability has been added to cope with the higher levels of use that are expected at commercial gyms, but still make for an excellent addition to any home gym.

Another of the design differences with the Zenith range of equipment is that it has been designed to be more of a permanent setup with larger floor space required, which is worth taking into consideration before buying.


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