Bodymax Zenith Olympic Plate Loaded 45 Degree Leg Press

Bodymax Zenith Olympic Plate Load 45 Degree Leg Press Machine

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In order to fully develop your leg muscles there are two well known exercises that are associated getting the best from your leg workout. These are the back squat and its variations, and the leg press. The Bodymax Plate Loaded 45 degree leg press is the perfect example of an angled leg press machine which can be used to build strength and size for every muscle in the lower body, from glutes to calves.

Although there are several main types of leg press available, the 45 degree angle is often the most popular, either in the sliding form as seen on the Bodymax 45 degree leg press, or as a lever system where the movement of the weight would be based around a fixed pivot point.

When using the lever types of angled leg press though, the movement often gets a lot easier towards the top third of the movement and depends on your height and flexibility.


Benefits of using the Bodymax Zenith Olympic leg press machine

[one_half]With the sliding sled version the weight is always being applied at the same pressure, meaning you keep the same stress on the muscles throughout the movement and helps to develop more lower body strength particularly in the quad muscles than the pivoting angled leg press.

The leg press is also one of the movements where even relatively new lifters can load the machine up with a lot of weight, which is why it is important to be comfortable and stable in the seat.

The Bodymax Zenith Olympic leg press features a seat that can have the angle adjusted simply by pulling out a pin and raising or lowering the angle depending on how you are most comfortable.

The padded back rest and seat have been angled to keep you at an angle that allows you to put all your strength into pushing the weight up and down the tracks without worrying about sliding or moving in the seat.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Bodymax Zenith Olympic Plate Load 45 Degree Leg Press Machine

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Bodymax Zenith Olympic Leg Press – Features Summary



  • Strong, robust build quality
  • Suitable for full commercial use
  • Adjustable Back Rest




Using the Bodymax Zenith Olympic Leg Press Machine

Once you are ready to lift the weight, you can position your feet where they are most comfortable and flexible on the foot plate, take the strain and press the weight up a little before unlocking the side safety bars which will allow you to complete your repetitions, pressing the weight up and down the track until you complete your set.

Once you have finished your set you can then safely rotate the handles back to lock the weight sled in place and step out of the machine without worrying about the weight moving.

Although some leg press machines base their resistance on cables and pulleys, the Bodymax Zenith Olympic leg press has a pair of bars towards the front of the machine for loading weight plates. You can use this to load the usual 20kg plates or smaller if needed and will cope with weights over 100kg without a problem.

Bodymax Zenith Line equipment is suitable for full commercial use and built to last. Each Bodymax Zenith Line unit is stong, durable, robust and built to last. The Bodymax Zenith Line Olympic Plate load 45 Degree Leg Press is a fantastic heavy duty machine.



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