Bodymax Zenith Olympic Plate Loaded Hack Squat Leg Press

Bodymax Zenith Olympic Plate Loaded Hack Squat and Leg Press

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The Bodymax Zenith Hack Squat and Leg press is a lower body workout machine that combines two of the most effective leg exercises (leg press and hack squat) into one piece of equipment.

Unlike many leg press machines, the back rest for the leg press is adjustable to help provide you with the most comfortable position to avoid strain on the lower back.

[one_half]This can be changed through adjusting the pin to whichever setting suits you, and can also be considered an adjustment to the foot plate when using this machine for hack squats.

The images in the gallery show the Bodymax Zenith Hack Squat and Leg Press machine in its hack squat position.

If you lift the handle at the bottom of the back rest attached to the sled that moves up and down the rails, this will lock into place and form the foot plate for your leg presses.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Bodymax Zenith Olympic Plate Loaded Hack Squat and Leg Press[/one_half_last]


Leg press

Once you have the seat adjusted to the most comfortable angle for your leg presses, all you need to do is sit in the seat, press your feet up to the foot plate which should be folded out, and fold the handles to their unlocked position. This will allow the weighted sled to move up and down the tracks with a wider range of motion.

Once you are finished with the set, simply hold the long handles either side of the tracks and roll them back to their locked position. This will stop the weight from dropping towards you past that locking point.


Hack squats

The main weighted sled section has a thickly padded back rest which will be useful both when you are facing the machine and facing away from the machine, depending on the variation of hack squat you are performing.

The shoulder pads will also help to soften the weight loaded on your shoulders thanks to the thickness and quality of padding.

There are two thick handles with textured grips to prevent your hands slipping, and can be used during hack squats for keeping your hands out of the way. This is also useful for transferring power through your upper body and helping to push the weight up for those last few repetitions to really work the leg muscles.


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[one_half_last]Bodymax Zenith Olympic Plate Loaded Hack Squat and Leg Press[/one_half_last]


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Bodymax Zenith Olympic Plate Loaded Hack Squat and Leg Press – Features Summary


  • Strong, robust build quality
  • Suitable for full commercial use
  • Converts Easily from Hack Squat to Leg Press
  • Adjustable Foot Plate and Back Rest
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    Loading the weight plates

    Because the weight sled is a little heavier than most leg press sleds due to the additional back rest and features that have been added for hack squats, don’t worry if you have to use a little lighter weight than normal when using the Bodymax Zenith Hack Squat and Leg Press.

    There are two long weight pegs underneath the weight sled that are used for sliding the Olympic weight plates onto.

    Although this particular leg press doesn’t come with storage pegs for the weight plates when not in use, you can either leave them on the weight pegs or buy a separate weight plate rack such as the Image Pro II. This particular weight rack will store weight plates from 1.25kg up to the full 25kg plates which you will most likely be using with this leg press and hack squat machine.




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