Bodymax Zenith Preacher Curl Bench

Bodymax Zenith Preacher Curl Bench

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The Bodymax Zenith Preacher Curl Bench is the strongest and highest quality bench of this style produced by Bodymax, a leading provider of a wide range of weightlifting and fitness equipment to both home and commercial gyms.


Design features

[one_half]One of the great benefits of a preacher curl bench is its ability to let you to isolate the bicep better than any other exercise.

A large padded section has been added at the top of the Bodymax Zenith preacher curl bench which helps take almost all the back and shoulder movement out of the curl, keeping the tension focussed on the biceps.

Two racking positions have been built into the frame to account for longer arm lengths, as well as allowing you to position your triceps at the most effective position for you on the main preacher pad.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Bodymax Zenith Preacher Curl Bench[/one_half_last]

As part of the Zenith range, this particular preacher bench has a number of important features designed to improve its strength and stability.

An additional supporting bar has been added to join the seat to the preacher pad for extra strength, while the large circular pads at each contact point improve stability and protect the floor from scratches or damage.

Extra thick padding has also been added to both the preacher curl pad and the adjustable seat to provide a comfortable position to perform the exercise.


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[one_half_last]Bodymax Zenith Preacher Curl Bench[/one_half_last]


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Bodymax Zenith Preacher Curl Bench – Features Summary


  • Strong, robust build quality
  • Suitable for full commercial use
  • 2 individual bar positions
  • Adjustable seat
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    Benefits of adding preacher curls to your workouts

    While dumbbell and barbell curls are both extremely effective mass building exercises for your biceps, preacher curls offer a level of isolation that isn’t possible with any other exercise, particularly for the lower part of the muscle.

    Although curling a cambered bar with a supinated grip (palms up) may be the most obvious way of performing preacher curls, there are actually many more variations.

    By reversing your grip so your palms are face down (pronated), this places more emphasis on the forearm flexors and brachialis.

    The Bodymax Zenith Preacher Curl Bench can also be used for preacher style dumbbell curls if you want to focus on working just one arm at a time, with supinated, pronated, and even neutral grip (hammer curl style) grip positions being effective.



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