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Bowflex Revolution Review

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The Bowflex Revolution is a home-gym system that offers a wide range of strength training exercises. While other Bowflex workout machines provide resistance using the Power Rod system, this model uses SpriaFlex resistance plates. This means that the Revolution caters to people who are looking to pile on some lean, hard muscles.

The Revolution is designed as a compact, high-quality exercise machine fit for home use, but with a huge number of exercises to offer. You can imagine it as a home gym that provides various strength training exercises without consuming too much room space. You no longer have to buy gym equipment separately, because the Bowflex Revolution already has everything you need in one compact design.

More About Bowflex Revolution

The Bowflex Revolution home-gym solution allows users to perform a variety of strength training exercises without worrying about room space. This machine has independently-moving arms that let you do 10 different positions at up to 170 degrees. In addition, the Revolution features over 220 pounds of resistance for an effective upper body workout.

This home-gym system also allows for up to 600 pounds of resistance for lower body exercises. Other features that help improve muscle groups on the lower extremity include leg extensions, preacher curl attachment, and a vertical bench press. Best of all, this home-gym solution is currently priced less than $3,000.

Key Features

• The Bowflex Revolution measures 5’5” x 3’2”, which makes it a compact home-gym system.

• Over 90 exercises are available through this machine, including the main compound workouts like the bench press, squat, overhead press, and more.

• There is an option to upgrade the Bowflex when you feel like you have already mastered its basic set up. You can add the Ab Back Pad, Weight Store, and Lat Tower. You can also add more weights up to 300 pounds.

• This home-gym system comes in six big boxes, which may take a while to set up, but all the instructions are easy to follow.

• Bowflex guarantees that this machine can last for a long time, backing it up with a standard 10 year warranty.

Pros and Cons

The Bowflex Revolution home-gym system has received plenty of positive comments from its users. It has even been cited as being the best home-gym solution available. You can do over 100 workouts with this compact exercise machine that target both your upper and lower body.

In addition, the amount of resistance offered for upper body exercises surpasses other home-gym systems. Another good thing to note is that this machine is easy to use. You can easily add weight with one movement, while the resistance can also be changed according to your fitness level and workout program.

There were complaints about the weight increments available on this machine, with the smallest being five pounds on each side to mimic the use of free weights. Other users also warned beginners to be extra cautious when using this home-gym system as it may be hard to get used to. The free-weight feature of this machine does not function in linear motion, but more of in a curved fashion. Some users found it difficult to get used to this functionality.

The Bowflex Revolution also tends to be heavy. This is mostly due to its sturdy construction. Some customers said future buyers should consider placing the machine where they want it to be and leave it there as it will be extremely difficult to move later on.

There are users who have encountered issues with some of its parts that break off. One user reported being able to easily store the machine, but some of its parts have fallen apart during usage. Some said the seat falls when they are in an inclined position. Despite these issues, majority of Bowflex Revolution users have greatly benefited from the machine.


Overall, the Bowflex Revolution home-gym system is a sturdy piece of exercise equipment that is easy to use and versatile. You can do up to 100 various workouts, both upper and lower body, using this compact exercise equipment. While the price tag can be steep, this machine promises value for money. It is even covered by a standard 10 year warranty. This home-gym system has plenty of benefits to offer, especially for the busy people.

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