Cable Cross Over Machine GREY

Cable Cross Over Machine (GREY)

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The Powerline Cable Cross Over Machine has a unique design that relies on weight plate pegs on each side that can be loaded up with different sized weight plates depending on the level of resistance you need.


Design features

This is in contrast to the usual weight towers that would sit on each side and allow you to slide a pin into different levels to change the resistance.

By using weight plates instead of a weight stack this means that you can adjust the weight to a much finer level, and only depends on how many different types of weight plate you have if you are buying the Powerline Cable Cross Over machine for home use.

Most weight stack versions will go up in 2.5kg or 5kg blocks, whereas if you have weight plates that only weigh 0.5kg then you can increase the weight by this amount. This allows you to be more progressive in your strength gains and less likely to hit a plateau.

Attached to each side of the Powerline Cable Cross Over machine are both a high and a low cable pulley. These have been designed to provide free movement through 180 degrees which means you get a much more natural range of motion when performing exercises.


Exercises options

[one_half]The great thing about any cable cross over machine is the flexibility in the types of exercises and muscle groups you can work.

You can either use the machine as it is and perform a variety of bicep curl, upright row, cable row, tricep pushdown, weighted ab crunch and chest exercises to name a few, or you can add a bench or swiss ball and perform even more.

If you already have a weight bench at home, then you can also use the Powerline Cable Cross Over Machine for exercises such as lying cable crossovers as opposed to standing, preacher cable curls, seated overhead tricep extensions when the bench is set at an angle and backed up to the low cable pulley and many more.

With the 200lb weight capacity on each side, this cable cross over machine also offers some of the heaviest resistance available for this type of machine.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Cable Cross Over Machine (GREY)

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Cable Cross Over Machine (GREY) – Features Summary



  • Large diameter pulleys provide maximum cable life and smooth operation
  • Carriage system travels on nylon bushings with four high resin pulleys on each side
  • Fits standard plates: (Olympic disks can be used if purchasing the optional adaptor sleeves BSACOA8 x 4)
  • Includes two cable handles and one ankle strap
  • Assembled Dimensions: 82H x 112L x 39W
  • Weight Capacity: 200lbs (90kg)/Side




Cable cross over attachments

The only negative points are the fact that it doesn’t come with any form of resistance on its own and that you have to purchase a weight plate set separately.

Although this isn’t really an issue if you have weight plates already at home, but if you have to purchase a weight plate set that has a good variety of weight plates then this can cost up to and over £150. This then puts the price closer to other cable cross over products, although they can’t be loaded with as much resistance as the Cable Cross Over Machine (Grey).

With only the two cable handles and ankle strap attachments being supplied, you will also probably need to buy a set of cable attachments to get the best use out of this machine. If you are looking for a good quality set then a rope attachment, revolving straight bar attachment and tricep pushdown bar should be all you need to perform the vast majority of exercises with this cable cross over machine.



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