Cable Cross Over Machine with 150kg weight

Cable Cross Over Machine W/150kg Weight

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Cable cross over machines have been one of the most popular pieces of workout equipment in the gym for a long time, and for good reason. As well as being able to perform cable crossovers that target both the upper and middle chest (high pulley cross over), as well as the lower chest (low pulley cross over), there are also many other cable exercises you can perform for almost every muscle in the body using this piece of workout equipment.

Whereas with some cable cross over machines you need to buy other equipment or fasten it securely to the ground, this Gym Master cable cross over has weight stacks that rest on a set of 2 supporting legs making the whole machine very stable and safe even when performing cross overs with very heavy weight.


Exercises possible with the Gym Master Cable Cross Over

Apart from the chest workout you get from the cable cross over exercises, the Gym Master cable cross over also features a pull-up bar that has been fitted to the main supporting bar. This is perfect for any variation of pull up, from wide grip to narrow grip and overhand to underhand.

Due to the weight of the weight stacks and the central location of the pull up bar, this also means the machine doesn’t rock when performing pull-ups, unlike some smith machines or power racks where the pull up bar is positioned on the outside edge of the frame.


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Cable Cross Over Machine – Features Summary



  • Ideal for home and semi commercial use
  • 150kg weight stacks included /Assembled Dimensions: 248x61x215(cm)
  • Wide base eliminates rocking for a solid leg workout
  • Large diameter pulleys provide maximum cable life and smooth operation
  • Includes two cable handles




Using one of the low cable pulleys on its own is perfect for a variety of curls and rows. If you want to recreate the action of a dumbbell row, but keep more tension on the muscle throughout the movement then you can use one of the single handle attachments and row one arm at a time using this, to focus entirely in the contraction and range of motion.

The bent over rows can also be performed with the bar attachment to improve overall back thickness and work more upper back muscles, particularly when performed with an overhand grip.

Shoulders and traps can also easily be exercised with movements from the low cable pulley such as side or front raises and upright rows depending on which section of the shoulder you want to focus the workout on.

Your workout options become unlimited when you invest in one of the most versatile and functional machines manufactured today. Built sturdy and guaranteed with the quality that will last a lifetime, the Gym Master Cable Crossover Machine is a dynamic addition to any home gym exercise program.



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