Confidence Fitness Utility Training Bench

Confidence Fitness Utility Training Bench Review

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The Confidence Fitness Utility Training Bench has been specifically designed for anyone that is limited on space but still needs a stable platform to perform effective exercises such as bench press and dumbbell flyes.

With features such as 7 possible back support angles and coated base supports to provide stability and prevent the bench from sliding, there is a range of useful and important features built into this bench.

This product article takes a look at all of these and more to help you decide if this is the best addition to your home gym and style of training.


Design features

Confidence Fitness Utility Training Bench

If you are looking for a lightweight workout bench that doesn’t take up too much space when not in use then the Confidence Fitness Utility bench could be the perfect choice.

One of the most attractive features of this bench is its ability to be folded flat. Through a combination of two small pullout handles, one under the seat and the other on the main support track, the entire frame folds down to be very compact.

Once folded, to make it easier to transport there are handles that have been added to both the underside of the seat and sides of the back support. Although not a particularly heavy bench at 14.5kg in weight, this does make it easier to pick up and slide the bench away into storage when not in use.

In terms of how easy it is to adjust the angle of the back support, you can simply pull out the small hand wheel and slide it up or down the support track until you find the position you want.

You can then just let go of the hand wheel and the pin will lock in place if you have it positioned over one of the 7 pre-drilled holes (1 upright setting, 3 incline settings, 1 flat setting and 1 decline/sit-up setting).

To help ensure your workouts using the Confidence Fitness Utility bench are as comfortable as possible, the back rest and seat are both well padded and positioned close together to prevent any gap between the two sections.

Confidence Fitness Utility Training Bench

While this is an excellent bench for anyone performing lighter dumbbell and barbell workouts, it’s probably not ideal if you are looking to bench press very heavy weights.

If this is what you need a bench for then it’s best to take a look at some of the benches that come as part of a workout system or attached to a barbell support frame such as the Universal Workstation (which also comes with a 108kg weight set), as these will cater for heavier weights.


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Confidence Fitness Utility Bench – Features Summary

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  • 7 adjustable incline angles
  • Compact
  • Lightweight and space efficient
  • Fast and simple bench adjustments
  • Two handles bar for easy-carrying
  • Folds Flat for convenient storage



Upper body workout possibilities

As with any stand alone weights bench such as the Confidence Fitness Utility model it’s important to own a good quality dumbbell set. While a barbell set would certainly be useful as well, a set of dumbbells is all you need to provide you with dozens of workout options when combined with this weights bench.

With the back support adjustable through so many different angles, this allows you to work your pectoral muscles from every angle needed to build a bigger and stronger chest.

Aside from the dumbbell presses and flyes for your chest, you can also perform seated shoulder presses and pullovers as well as providing support for exercises such as dumbbell rows and tricep kickbacks.

It’s even possible to perform the decline variation of the sit-up thanks to the horizontal bars that have been built into the seat support frame.

These allow you to tuck your feet underneath and lean back on the decline setting without fear of sliding off the back or losing your balance.


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