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PowerBlock Sport 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells[checklist]
  • Ideal For Home Gyms And Personal Trainers

  • Compact Size. Replaces 8 Pairs Of Traditional Dumbbells

  • Weight Set: 1.5kg , 2.5kg, 4kg, 5.5kg, 7kg, 8kg, 9.5kg and 11kg Per Hand

  • Warranty: 15 Years

  • [/checklist]
    22150PowerBlock Sport 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells
    Bodymax Deluxe 40kg Rubber Dumbbell Kit[checklist]
  • Rubber handle for comfortable grip

  • Secure spin-lock collars

  • Rubber flooring-friendly discs

  • Extremely durable

  • [/checklist]
    4070Bodymax Deluxe 40kg Rubber Dumbbell Kit
    Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbells 2 x 32.5kg[checklist]
  • 12 different weights in one dumbbell

  • 5Kg to 32.5Kg (11-71.5lb) maximum weight on each dumbbell

  • Easy to use - Simply rotate the dial and lift

  • Robust design and build quality

  • The UK's best selling adjustable dumbbell

  • [/checklist]
    65300Bodymax Selectabell Dumbbells 2 x 32.5kg
    Physionics 30kg Dumbbell weights set[checklist]
  • Ergonomic design 30 Kg (2x15kg) dumbbell weights Set

  • Bar is plastic with a steel core.

  • Non-Slip grip (grooved surface) 14,5 cm wide

  • Spinlock collars, lock weights in place to insure that weights remain secured on the bar

  • [/checklist]
    3028Physionics 30kg Dumbbell weights set
    York 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Set[checklist]
  • 4 x 0.5kg, 4 x 1.25kg, 4 x 2.5kg discs

  • 2 x 35.5cm spinlock bars

  • 4 spinlock collars

  • Training wall chart included

  • [/checklist]
    2028York 20kg Cast Iron Dumbbell Set
    Golds Gym Transformer Dumbbell 20kg[checklist]
  • 20kg (44lbs) Transformer Dumbbell; Fully Adjustable From 4.5kg (9.9lbs) To 20kg (44lbs)

  • Unique Click And Slide System Increases and decreases weight instantly

  • Replaces Lots Of Individual Dumbbells; Compact, Space Saving Design

  • Chrome Plated, Cast Iron Construction

  • [/checklist]
    20150Golds Gym Transformer Dumbbell 20kg
    Everlast EV-1102 Dumbbell Set 15kg[checklist]
  • 4 × 1.25kg dumbbells and 4 × 2.5kg dumbbells

  • 2 × weight lifting bars and 4 × bar collars

  • Fully interchangeable weights for an individual workout

  • [/checklist]
    1525Everlast EV-1102 Dumbbell Set Vinyl
    Tunturi Platinum Dumbbell Set With Rack[checklist]
  • Durable rubber coating

  • Knurling design on the handles enhances grip

  • Includes 3-Tier dumbbell storage rack

  • Dumbbells Sizes Included from 1kg to 18kg

  • [/checklist]
    230800Tunturi Platinum Dumbbell Set 230kg
    Bodypower Hex Dumbbell Set & Rack 5-30Kg[checklist]
  • 11 pairs of dumbbells

  • Total weight: 384 kg of dumbbells

  • No more wasted space in your home gym.

  • Freestanding Six-Tier Dumbbell Rack

  • Strong and reliable

  • [/checklist]
    384800Bodypower Hex Dumbbell Set
    Bodymax Deluxe 40kg Hammertone Dumbbell Kit[checklist]
  • Rubber handle for comfortable grip

  • Secure spin-lock collars

  • Deluxe Hammertone-coated finish

  • Free exercise wallchart

  • Extremely durable

  • [/checklist]
    4025Bodymax Deluxe 40kg Hammertone Dumbbell Kit

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