Fitness Mad Neo Dumbbells

Fitness-Mad Neo Dumbbells Pair (1kg to 5kg)

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The Fitness-Mad Neo Dumbbells are part of the latest design of dumbbells, featuring a neoprene coating (also used in the creation of many knee and elbow sleeve products), to make the weights more comfortable to grip.

This product article takes a look at the dumbbells in more detail, including their design features, customer reviews, and how the price compares to a similar range by Ultrasport.


Design Features

Fitness-Mad Neo Dumbbells Pair

Although it isn’t yet used with heavier weight sets, coating dumbbells with neoprene has started to become a popular feature with the lighter designs.

One of the best examples is with the Fitness-Mad Neo Dumbbells, which are amongst the highest rated and frequently reviewed sets currently available.

Whereas standard dumbbells will usually include a chrome metallic grip section, this set features a coated handle, making the weight easier to grip.

This also provides you with a more comfortable way of lifting weights at home, without risking any damage to your hands.

Another nice feature of these dumbbells is their shape. When you complete your set and want to put the weights down again, you don’t need to be worried about either dumbbell rolling away.

The flattened edges, flat face, and textured coating keeps the set fixed in place while you rest between sets, as well as for storage between workouts.

Neoprene dumbbells also have the bonus of still being easy to grip when wet, which isn’t always the case with many of the metallic handle designs.


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Fitness-Mad Neo Dumbbells – Features Summary

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  • Pair of Neoprene coated Dumbbells for aerobic and fitness training
  • Flat bottoms prevent weights from rolling away
  • Boxed in a pairs



Exercise options

Being available in sizes from 1kg up to 5kg, the Fitness-Mad Neo Dumbbells are best suited to light aerobic fitness workouts.

If you are looking for a heavier set of dumbbells aimed more towards bodybuilding and strength training, you might find the 32.5kg Selectabell dumbbells better suited to your style of training. Perhaps even one of the coated sets by ‘We R Sports’ if you are looking for something closer to 40kg per dumbbell.

Being designed around aerobic and fitness training, this makes the set ideal for combining with a swiss / gym ball, or even for use when running on a treadmill.

When combined with a simple weights bench or swiss ball, there are dozens of exercises available. The list below shows just a few of the more popular options for both your upper and lower body:
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  • Swiss ball shoulder press
  • Standing dumbbell curls
  • Incline hammer curls
  • Side lateral raises

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  • Overhead tricep extensions
  • Lunges
  • Rear delt flys
  • Swiss ball pec flys



Price comparison

Fitness-Mad Neo Dumbbells Pair

Whether you are deciding on a new set of dumbbells or a high spec treadmill, it’s important to make sure you are getting the best quality for your money.

With so many different types of dumbbells available, it’s only fair to compare similar designs with a neoprene coating.

This is assuming you will be using the Fitness-Mad Neo Dumbbells for fitness and aerobic workouts, with a goal to improve your muscle tone and endurance, rather than size.

Taking a look at the price for the pair of 1kg dumbbells, this is considerably less than the popular Neoprene Gymnastic set by Ultrasport.

It’s also difficult to find the Ultrasport sets in any weights higher than 2kg per dumbbell, whereas the Fitness-Mad set can offer up to 5kg.

If you can find a good deal on Amazon, the Fitness-Mad sets usually range from £6 for the 1kg set, up to £27 for the 5kg set. This is considerably cheaper than the Ultrasport dumbbells, which usually retail for closer to £12 for the 1kg set, and £15 for the set of 2kg weights.

Across their current ranges, the Fitness-Mad sets usually cost at least 20% less than the equivalent weight in the Ultrasport range.


Customer reviews

With more than 90% of the customer reviews on Amazon currently rating the Fitness-Mad Neo Dumbbells at 4 or 5 stars, it was actually difficult to find any negative points to put in our ‘cons’ list.

It’s not as if this is just a handful of highly rated reviews either. With over 100 currently available, these are proving to be the most popular neoprene dumbbell design available.

We’ve put together a quick summary of the most frequently mentioned pros and cons from the reviews in the lists below.


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  • Take up hardly any space
  • Attractive bright colours
  • Neoprene coating creates a comfortable cushioning on your hands
  • Higher weight options than similar dumbbell ranges. Allows you to build an entire collection with the same high quality design.
  • Flat edges prevent rolling
  • Well balanced weight distribution



  • Handles are shorter than on some of the larger cast iron dumbbells
  • A small number of reviewers found that the coating had an unpleasant feeling on their hands.


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