Everlast EV-1102 15kg Dumbbell Set

Everlast EV-1102 Dumbbell Set 15kg Review

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If you are thinking about a new fitness resolution or starting a weights workout from home, then the Everlast EV-1102 Dumbbell Set could be a useful addition to your training equipment.


Everlast EV-1102 dumbbell design

While you shouldn’t need to worry about dropping the Everlast EV-1102 dumbbells from being too heavy, the weight plates have been coated to prevent any damage to floors when resting them down.

To avoid damaging your hands when picking up and performing exercises, the metal handles come with a coated grip section. This will also help to give you a better grip of the weight and prevent it slipping out of your hand.

The locking collars on the Everlast EV-1102 dumbbells are made from a tough plastic that can spin up either end of the bar to securely hold the weight plates on the lifting bars.

The weight plates themselves vary in weight to allow a greater range of weight combinations to help you gain strength more progressively. If you want to keep the weights equal across each dumbbell then the maximum in each hand will be 7.5kg plus a little for the bar.

If you want to perform single arm exercises such as dumbbell rows, there is room on each bar to load up to three weight plates either end. This can lead to a maximum single dumbbell weight closer to 12.5kg plus the bar.

While this particular dumbbell set is well made and comes with a set of quality lifting bars and weight plates, it should be considered a set for people new to weight training. This is really only due to being supplied with just the 1.25kg and 2.5kg weight plates.

If you have been training a little longer and are looking for something a little heavier around the same price, then the Physionics 30kg Dumbbell weights set may be a better choice.


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Everlast EV-1102 Dumbbell Set 15kg – Features Summary

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  • 4 × 1.25kg dumbbells and 4 × 2.5kg dumbbells
  • 2 × weight lifting bars and 4 × bar collars
  • Fully interchangeable weights for an individual workout
  • Tone abs, strengthen and build arm muscle and upper body strength
  • Extremely versatile equipment allowing you to work every major muscle group and more
  • Vinyl coated weights are silent during use making no noise whilst training unlike cast iron
  • Spinlock with thread design secures the plates tightly in place for safety when training



Benefits of dumbbell workouts

For some time free weights have largely been regarded as the best strength and mass building exercises due to the number of additional ‘stabilizer’ muscles worked.

Dumbbells have the added benefit of increasing the range of motion beyond what would otherwise be possible with a barbell. For example if you are looking to perform incline barbell chest presses there would come a point at the top of the movement where your arms would be at full extension but pointed out at an angle to properly support the bar.

If you were performing incline chest presses with a set of dumbbells then there wouldn’t be this restriction, and you could not only gain an increase in range of motion at the top, but also bring the weight down a little further without putting your shoulders in a compromising position that may lead to injury.

If you are training at home and want to perform heavier incline presses, dumbbell sets such as the Everlast EV-1102 add an extra element of safety over a barbell as you can simply drop the weight if it gets too heavy. There is no danger of getting ‘pinned’ underneath a heavy barbell.


Weight Set Contents Breakdown

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  • 4 × 1.25 kg standard 1″ weight plates
  • 4 × 2.5 kg standard 1″ weight plates
  • 2 x 1″ standard dumbbell bars
  • 4 x 1″ standard spinlock bar collars



Exercises available with the Everlast EV-1102 dumbbell set

(when combined with weight bench – not included)

  • Chest: flat, incline & decline db press, flat incline & decline db flyes, dumbbell pullovers
  • Back: db bent over rows, single arm rows, renegade rows
  • Shoulders: shoulder press, lateral raises, front raises, reverse flyes, upright rows
  • Biceps: db biceps curls, concentration curls, incline db curls
  • Triceps: db triceps extensions, triceps kickbacks, overhead db extensions
  • Legs: lunges, db deadlifts, db Romanian deadlifts
  • Abs: weighted crunches


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