Everlast EV440B Intermediate Weight Bench

Everlast EV440B Intermediate Weight Bench Review

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The Everlast EV440B intermediate weight bench features a range of back support positions for performing a variety of mass building exercises, together with a variety of attachments for better isolation.


Design features

The lat pulldown attachment makes both lat pulldowns and tricep pushdowns a possibility

One of the biggest changes to happen to modern bench design is the addition of attachments. While in the past it was necessary to buy a full multi gym or cable system to carry out exercises such as preacher curls, weights benches themselves are providing an increasing variety of exercise options.

As the next bench up in the Everlast range from the EV120 starter bench, the Everlast EV440B features improved stability and a thicker, stronger frame design.

The barbell supports can also now have their height adjusted using a pair of hand wheels attached to the back of the frame.

The unique design of the bench and back rest support bar allows the Everlast EV440B to be adjusted from decline through to incline positions. You can even use the bar to create a vertical position for performing exercises such as dumbbell shoulder presses.

Although lifting heavy weight is important to improve your strength and muscle gains, it’s even more important to make sure you are as safe as possible throughout your workouts.

To help with this, the Everlast EV440B has been fitted with locking pins at the top of the barbell supports, which can rotate to prevent the bar from tipping off the rack when changing weight plates.


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Everlast EV440B – Features Summary

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  • Weight bench adjusts to flat, incline & decline angle positions
  • Adjustable height weight rack stands for perfect bar placement & safer training
  • Comes with a Lat Tower, Preacher Pad & Leg Developer that can be added or removed from the front
  • Durable steel construction ensures long lasting use
  • Box stitched upholstery is comfortable for training on
  • Designed and manufactured to comply with EN957 safety standards
  • Exercise all of your major muscle groups with highly effective exercises proven to help gains in muscle mass Ideal for intermediate weight trainers



Additional attachments

Everlast EV440B Intermediate Weight Bench

While many weights benches are now available with a leg developer attached, there are far fewer with a preacher curl option, and hardly any that benefit from a lat pulldown attachment.

The Everlast EV440B benefits from having all 3, meaning you can quickly switch between preacher curls and lat pulldowns.

Despite the name, the ‘lat pulldown’ attachment can also be used for performing standing tricep pushdowns, which are an excellent exercise for isolating your triceps.

To provide a way of working your lower body muscles such as hamstrings and quadriceps, the leg developer has been included. While squats are certainly effective for overall mass, leg extensions and leg curls are possibly the safest and most effective isolation exercises for training these muscles.


Planning your workouts

As with many weights benches, the Everlast EV440B has been designed predominantly with upper body workouts in mind. Although the leg developer allows for isolation exercises, if you want to be able to perform squats and lunges then you will need a bench with a removable squat rack (Everlast EV-340).

When combined with a barbell and weight plates set, a wide range of exercises for each muscle in the upper body are possible.

The most popular of these are listed below:
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  • Wide lat pulldown
  • Close grip lat pulldown
  • Tricep pushdown
  • Flat bench press
  • Incline bench press

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  • Seated shoulder press
  • Leg extensions
  • Hamstring curls
  • Preacher curls



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