Everlast EV700 Multi Gym

Everlast EV700 Multi Gym Review

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Everlast EV700 Multi Gym Review

The Everlast EV700 Multi Gym features a cable pulley system that uses the main 45kg weight stack to create resistance in exercises from chest presses to leg extensions.

The main lat pulldown bar has textured handles at each end to help improve your grip when performing heavier pulldown exercises, and can be stored out of the way of the main chest press arms using two custom designed hooks.

Because the main support bar for the high cable pulley extends to just above the front of the seat, this also means you can perform weighted ab crunches when holding the lat pulldown bar just behind your shoulders and leaning forwards.

Chest exercises with the Everlast EV700 Multi Gym

As well as the usual chest press function that is built into most modern multi gyms, there is also a quick release pin that can convert the chest press into a pec dec station.

You can then position your forearms against the back of the padded sections of the pressing arms and bring them across to in front of you to build muscle or tone your inner chest depending on the resistance and repetitions.

The Everlast EV700 Multi Gym has also been designed with chest press handles at two different angles that you can choose between when performing chest press exercises, depending on your preferred range of motion.

Everlast EV700 chest press and pec fly station

High cable pulley and chest press exercises

  • Tricep pushdown and reverse tricep pushdowns
  • Weighted ab crunch
  • Lat pulldown (various hand positions depending on the specific area of the back you want to work)
  • Chest press
  • Pec dec


Everlast EV700 Multi Gym – Features Summary

  • High pulley system, low pulley system, chest press / pec dec, leg extension
  • Lat bar and straight bar included
  • High density foam upholstery for comfort and lumbar support | European Union Standard EN957 approved
  • Features a 45kg (99lbs) weight stack with resistance up to 75kg (165lbs)

Everlast EV700 Cable Pulley and Cable Attachments

The two cable attachments that come with the Everlast EV700 are the wider lat pulldown bar and the shorter straight bar. While these are interchangeable between the high and low cable pulleys, the wider bar is best used in the high pulley and the short bar in the low pulley exercises.

The low cable pulley again uses the resistance created by the pulley system and 45kg weight stack, with the cable being anchored at the bottom of the leg developer. This helps to provide you with as much range of motion as possible during curling exercises.

Everlast EV700 Multi Gym low cable pulley

There is also a foot plate at the front of the Everlast EV700 that can be used to provide a foot rest when using the low cable pulley for seated rows.

Exercises that can be performed with the low pulley / leg developer

  • Upright rows (Shoulders and biceps)
  • Bicep curls (Biceps)
  • Seated rows (Back and biceps)
  • Front raises (shoulders)

If you were to buy a separate set of cable handle attachments then the number of exercises would increase to include side lateral raises and single bicep curls amongst others and is recommended.

The EV700 has been fully approved to European Union Standard EN957 and has been independently evaluated for Mechanical Safety, Intrinsic Loading & Extrinsic Loading Tests.

The design has been tested for weight loading, pinch points, shear hazards, pull in and trapping hazards and similar hazards, which can arise during use of fitness equipment. This Everlast home gym is the perfect system to kick start your weight training endeavour.

Everlast EV700 Multi Gym

The Everlast EV700 Multi Gym is a great choice for anyone looking to buy their first multi gym for home use to keep fit, or just starting to get interested in weightlifting.

This is considered more of a starter multi gym purely due to the weight that will create resistance up to 75kg using the 45kg weight stack and may not be heavy enough for more advanced weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts.

User weight limit: 110kg
Product dimensions: 204cm (H) x 111cm (W) x 112cm (L)

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Bench Press

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