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Everlast EV800 Home Gym with Preacher Pad Review

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The Everlast EV800 Home Gym has been designed primarily for upper body workouts, and unlike many home gym systems comes with a preacher curl section.

This is ideal for anyone looking to add preacher curls to their workouts and focus on a wider range of angles to work the biceps, either using the low pulley cable or if you already own a set of dumbbells, small barbell or cambered bar.

The Everlast EV800 also features a well padded back support and seat section to make sure you are comfortable when exercising. The design of the frame also means that you can also rest your feet either on the front frame support under the preacher curl section, or slide your feet under the first set of foam rollers to provie even greater stability when performing exercises such as the pec dec or chest press.

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Back exercises with the Everlast EV800

For back exercises such as lat pulldowns in their many variations (behind the neck, to the front, close grip, wide grip etc.) there is also a lat pulldown which can be unhooked from the top support and perform these types of exercise.

Because of how far over the top support bar reaches, this means you are able to either perform the pulldowns to the front of you, or behnd your neck from the same seated position, without having to change between facing the machine and facing away from the machine to perform the different variations.

50kg Weight stack

The weight stack for the Everlast EV800 increments in small enough jumps to make progressing easier. With 7 4.5kg weight plates and 2 6.8kg plates, this means you don’t have to take your rep range out of what you need before jumping to th next weight range.

For example if you are trying to keep your chest presses in the 8 to 10 rep range to build size and strength, then by the time you get 10 reps with the 18kg you should be able to jump to the 22.5kg and still be able to perform at least 8 reps, staying in your target rep range.

Aside from the lat pulldown pulley system and the main chest press / pec dec section, there is also a low pulley for performing more back exercises and curling movements.

There is such a variety of movements that can be performed with a simple low pulley that we won’t cover all of them here (we have put together a list towards the end of the article of all exercises you can perform with the Everlast EV800), but everything from upright rows for your shoulders to seated rows to develop back thickness can all be performed using the low pulley on this home gym.


Everlast EV800 Home Gym with Preacher Pad


Everlast EV800 – Features Summary

  • Weight Stack: 50kg providing 50kg maximum resistance | Weight plate intervals consist of 7 x 4.5kg/10lbs and 2 x 6.8kg/15lbs
  • Bench press, Lat Pulldown, Chest Fly, Ab Crunch, Seated Row, Tricep Pushdown & many more…
  • Vinyl weight stack | Single ratio cable pulley system
  • Maximum user weight 110kg (17st 5lb) | Product Weight: 86.7kg
  • Home Gym Dimensions: Height: 204cm (81 Inches) x Width: 106cm (42 Inches) x Depth: 148cm (59 Inches)

Exercises possible with the Everlast EV800 home gym

  • Chest: Chest press, pec dec, single arm cable crossover
  • Back: Lat pull down, seated row
  • Shoulders: Front raise, lateral raise, reverse flyes, upright rows
  • Biceps: Bicep curls, high cable curls, preacher curls
  • Triceps: Tricep push downs, reverse push downs, tricep kickbacks
  • Abs: High crunch, woodchopper

Everlast EV800 Home Gym

Overall the Everlast EV800 Home Gym with Preacher Pad does only have a weight stack up to 50kg, which for many people will be perfect for what they need. But if you have been lifting for a while or need something with more resistance then it could be worth taking a look at one of the Finnlo Bio-Force models where the resistance can go to closer to 200 kg.

An excellent home gym system for performing exercises that will work every muscle group in the body. Great for someone looking for either their first home gym or for recreational use to keep fit and stay toned without having to pay for a gym membership each month.

Product weight: 87kg
User weight limit: 110kg

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Multi Gym.

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