Everlast Foldable Weight Bench

Everlast Foldable Weight Bench with Leg Developer

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The Everlast Foldable Weight Bench has been designed as an entry level weights bench and barbell rack combination. Lower priced than benches in the popular ‘Everlast EV’ range, this bench still features a variety of positions and the option to be folded away.


Bench design features

Everlast Foldable Weight Bench with Leg Developer

When you are thinking about buying a new piece of exercise equipment it’s important to balance the cost with the features and use you believe you will get out of it.

Being an entry level design, the Everlast Foldable Weight Bench provides an effective platform from which to perform a wide range of exercises for anyone starting a new workout program.

As well as the standard flat position, the back support pad can be adjusted through 3 different levels of incline to ensure you can work all areas of your chest effectively.

An important feature to look for with any weights bench that features a narrow barbell rack is the addition of safety hooks close to the bar catchers.

These are included with the Everlast Foldable Weight Bench, and are effective for preventing the bar from tipping off the rack when changing the weight plates.

Aside from the back support positions and barbell catchers, the main feature that sets this bench apart from similarly priced designs is the fact it can be folded up to conserve space when not in use.[divider]

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Everlast Foldable Weight Bench – Features Summary

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  • Multi position backrest (Flat and 3 Incline Positions)
  • Quick fold design with secure folding locking pin
  • Cushioned backboard and seat
  • Ideal starter weight bench
  • European Union Standard EN957 approved
  • Leg developer with padded foam cushioned roller pads
  • Sturdy square tubular steel framework for durability
  • Maximum Weight Load on Rack: 100kg



Upper body workouts

As with the majority of weights benches at this price point, the range of exercises will be fairly limited due to the lack of attachments and no decline position.

Despite this, you can still perform some effective exercises for a variety of muscle groups, which is excellent considering you can usually buy the Everlast Foldable Weight Bench for just £55.

When combined with a simple free weights set (barbell, dumbbells, weight plates), the following is a list of a few of the exercises that are possible:
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  • Incline bench press (Chest)
  • Flat bench press (Chest)
  • Incline dumbbell curls (Biceps)
  • Seated side lateral raises (Shoulders)

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  • Dumbbell pullovers (Lats, chest)
  • Dumbbell flys (Chest)
  • Seated dumbbell shrugs (Traps)
  • Dumbbell curls (Biceps)



Lower body workouts

Although Everlast do offer a workout bench with a free standing squat rack (Everlast EV340), the Everlast Foldable Weight Bench is not provided with this option.

While this does limit the range of lower body exercises you can include in your workouts, leg extensions (targets quadriceps) and leg curls (targets hamstrings) are still possible using the leg developer.


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