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FINNLO Autark 2500 Multi Gym Review

The Finnlo Autark 2500 features handles to grip on the main arms when seated in the main section, which are used for chest press exercises to help work the pectoral muscles. This is also possible through the pec dec exercise which can be performed from the same position, but with your forearm resting vertically against the padded section on each of the arms, and contracting your chest muscles as you bring your arms across to meet in front of you.

These two exercises will help firstly to develop overall thickness and size in the chest, and secondly to focus on the inner chest which can be the hardest area to develop. If you want to focus more on the outer edge of the chest whilst at the same time working the central chest area then you can also hold the outside of the arms just above the handles you use for chest pressing and perform the same pec dec exercise but with your arms much more extended.

These arms on the Finnlo Autark 2500 can then be folded out of the way so that you can perform back exercises using the cable pulldown and wide grip handle which can be attached and rests in the hooks at the end of the top support bar. With the pec dec arms folded away you can then perform pulldowns to work your back muscles, either pulling the bar down to your front when facing the machine, or behind the neck to work more of the shoulders and traps when facing away from the machine.

FINNLO Autark 2500 Multi Gym
To one side of the Finnlo Autark 2500 there is another pulley section nearer the ground which is perfect for any low pulling movements such as seated cable rows or standing one handed rows to further develop back thickness after the pulldowns.

Due to this pulley being positioned so low to the ground, this makes it perfect for any movement requiring a single cable to be moved from down by your leg to up by your chest, such as side lateral raises to work the lateral head of your shoulders, front raises to work the anterior head of your shoulder, or any bicep exercise such as single cable curls.

The single high pulley towards the back of the machine is great for any exercise that requires a movement from near your chest to down near your thigh, such as tricep pushdowns either one handed or two handed.

You can also work the triceps by being seated at the main machine, similar to how you would be for the pulldowns and chest press exercises, then attaching the rope attachment to the pulley just above the backrest and performing overhead tricep extensions. If you prefer to do this standing then this is also possible using the high pulley towards the back of the Finnlo Autark 2500.

Aside from these upper body exercises, you can also work your lower body and especially your quadricep muscles by using the leg press machine. Although this has a relatively small footplate to position your feet on, you can still use this to work your calves more if you position your toes closer to the bottom of the footplate.

The FINNLO Autark 2500 also includes a handle on each side to help stop you sliding around in the chair when performing the exercise.

Contrary to some multi gyms where you may need to buy additional weight plates to make the most of the leg extension feature, with the Finnlo Autark 2500 this also runs from the resistance created by the cables and the main weight stack at the back of the machine. By sitting in the same position as for the chest press you can then slide your legs under the larger set of padded rollers and perform leg extensions if you are looking to target your quads more after leg presses.

Although there isn’t a way of performing hamstring curls with both legs at the same time like some multi gyms, you can still isolate the hamstring thanks to the smaller padded roller on the leg extension by standing up and facing the machine. Then just press your calf up against the padded roller and contract your hamstring which should move the weight up. If not then you can simply adjust the resistance until you feel a good contraction in just your hamstring.

Abs can also be worked through the same motion as the overhead tricep extension. You can either perform this movement seated and curling forward with the rope attachment behind your neck, or by lying on the ground and using the lower pulley with the rope extension to perform weighted sit-ups.

In contrast to many other home multigym’s, the lower cable pull on the FINNLO Autark 2500 is situated on the side of the machine. This has the benefit of space saving and a better ‘pull’ due to the shorter cable pull.

FINNLO Autark 2500 – Features Summary

  • The continuous development of FINNLO product technology gives our customer the safety in knowledge that the FINNLO brand is one of the best in the world when it comes to healthy training
  • FINNLO is a well established European Quality Brand comparable to Kettler, now growing in the UK
  • GS, TUV AND CE certified to German production standards (considerably superior quality certification to CE alone

Training Exercises possible with the Finnlo Autark 2500

  • Butterfly
  • Bench press
  • Biceps
  • AB’s
  • Latissimus seated
  • Rowing
  • Leg flexion seated
  • Leg curl seated
  • Vertically Adjustable Seat
  • Vertically Adjustable Backrest

On side Mounted Cable Tower

  • Leg flexion standing
  • Bilateral training

Leg Press

  • Ergonomically formed
  • Adjustable for users up to 2.1m (6’10”) tall

Technical Data

  • Weight block 80Kg (16 plates @5Kg)
  • 100Kg upgrade available
  • Max. traction weight 90Kg
  • Max. user weight 120Kg
  • Built up size (LxWxH) cm 212 x 220 x 215
  • Space Required (LxWxH) cm 240 x 300 x 215

Delivered Flat Packed: Requires Assembly, Detailed Step By Step Instructions Are Included

The Finnlo Autark 2500 features handles to grip on the main arms when seated in the main section, which are used for chest press exercises to help work the pectoral muscles. This is also possible through the pec dec exercise which can be performed from the same position, but with…

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Overall Review Rating

Review Rating

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Overall the FINNLO Autark 2500 Multi Gym is great for anyone looking to purchase a multi gym that doesn't require any additional purchasing of weight plates to use it to its full capabilities. Everything is run using cables and the central weight tower is the only resistance but this is great for quickly adjusting how much weight you are using and saves having to add up any weight on bars or keep changing weight plates.

With the high and low cable pulleys, together with the variations of chest fly and leg exercises you can perform using the Autark 2500 this will easily provide all most lifters and fitness enthusiasts need to tone up and stay in shape.

Product weight: 240kg User Weight Limit: 120kg

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