GEXM4000 Commercial Multi Gym

GEXM4000 Commercial Multi Gym (GREY) Review

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The GEXM4000 Commercial Multi Gym is one of the most advanced multi gym systems you can buy for your home gym.

Despite the name implying this is purely for commercial gyms, if you have the space at home then you really can’t fault the high quality construction and number of possible exercises.


GEXM4000 Commercial Multi Gym workout stations

Workout station 1

[one_half]The first workout station to notice is the seat with the leg developer at the front. To make any exercise you perform from this workout station more comfortable and make sure your body is in the correct position, both the seat and back rest are adjustable.

This also helps when you want to change between exercises. A back rest position that sits you further back towards the machine may be better for the shoulder press, while positioning yourself further forward will make the lat pulldown more effective.

The series of cable pulleys also makes it possible to perform leg extensions to exercise your quadriceps with the leg developer.

Even the resistance for the shoulder press is generated by resistance from the weight tower and series of cable pulleys which add to the resistance you selected on the weight stack.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]GEXM4000 Commercial Multi Gym Workout Station 1[/one_half_last]

All three of the exercise stations are fed by 210 lb. steel alloy weight stacks.


Workout station 2

[two_third]The second workout station on the GEXM4000 Commercial Multi Gym provides the main chest exercises, such as chest press and pec fly.

With two different sets of handles on both the chest press and the pec fly bars this provides additional angles from which to exercise different areas of your chest.

This workout station also features revolving Armstrong Pec Arms for the feel of a true dumbbell workout, and a tough, durable powder coat finish.

Attached to the base support section there is also a low cable pulley bar.[/two_third]

GEXM4000 Commercial Multi Gym Workout Station 2

Due to the thicker bar with textured grip sections that this low cable pulley moves over you can use this for seated rows to develop your back muscles, as well as all the usual exercises such as bicep curls and upright rows.


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[one_half_last]GEXM4000 Commercial Multi Gym (GREY)[/one_half_last]


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GEXM4000 Commercial Multi Gym (GREY) – Features Summary

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  • Up to four people can work out simultaneously on the BSGEXM4000.
  • Optional Leg Press/Calf Press Attachment BSGLP40 provides a fourth workout station.
  • Seated Row and Low Pulley stations are on the backside of the gym
  • Guided Motion Chest Press
  • Lat Pulldown / High Pulley Seated Row / Low Pulley
  • Chest Supported Mid Row
  • Leg Extension / Leg Curl
  • Ab Crunch / Mid Pulley
  • Perfect Pec Station
  • Weight Stack Shrouds
  • Lumbar Support Pads
  • DuraFirm Upholstery
  • Note: Pictured with additional leg press optional attachment BSGLP40



Workout station 3

[one_half]As with the previous two workout stations, the seat and back rest for the third GEXM4000 Commercial Multi Gym workout station (with both the high and medium cable pulleys) is completely adjustable.

The high cable pulley has hooks built in to support the lat pulldown bar when not in use, and can be used for a range of exercises from the normal lat pulldowns to tricep pushdowns and overhead tricep extensions.

Moving down to the cable pulley positioned at mid height, this comes with an attachment to wrap around your shoulders and perform weighted crunches from a seated position.

Once you set the resistance on the weight stack specific to this workout station you then simply face away from the machine, wrap the cable attachment over your shoulders and lean forward to get a very effective ab workout.

A final exercise possible from this workout station is the seated row. There are handles set to both horizontal and vertical positions depending on your grip preference, as well as which section of your back you want to focus on exercising and how much bicep focus you need.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]GEXM4000 Commercial Multi Gym Workout Station 3[/one_half_last]


Workout station 4

Although this particular product comes with 3 main workout stations, there is an additional fourth section that you can buy.

This is the leg press and can be attached at the back of the GEXM4000 Commercial Multi Gym on the only side that hasn’t got a workout station. (Shown in the image gallery but in a light grey to show it doesn’t come with this particular configuration)


Attachments included with the GEXM4000

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  • Fully padded Lat Bar
  • Straight Bar
  • Balanced V-Bar

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  • Utility Strap
  • Triceps Strap
  • Padded Ab Crunch Harness



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