Golds Gym Deluxe Maxi Weight Bench

Golds Gym Deluxe Maxi Weight Bench Review

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The Golds Gym Deluxe Maxi Weight Bench and power rack come as two separate workout stations to increase the number of exercises you can perform.


Design features

With the bench moved away from the power rack this gives you more room to perform squat exercises, or even shrugs and deadlifts.

With the bar rests adjusted to their highest setting this positions the bar in the perfect position for squats, while there are 6 other points to adjust the bar rests to depending on your exercise.

Golds Gym Power Rack

The thickness of these main vertical support bars helps make the Golds Gym power rack more stable when racking and un-racking the weight.

While the product description does say 6ft barbells can be used, it’s best if you can buy a 7ft barbell if you are still looking for a barbell and weight plate set.

This is because the 6ft bars tend to sit with their collars nearly resting on the bar rests which can make it more difficult to get the bar back into a safe position on the rests, particularly when squatting.


The Golds Gym Deluxe Maxi Weight Bench

Golds Gym adjustable weight bench

As with the power rack, the bench can also be used on its own. If you already have a set of free weight dumbbells at home then this will provide you with a lot more exercises than just the bench and power rack offer.

The Golds Gym bench can be adjusted to either incline, flat or decline angles depending on the exercise you need to perform.

There is also a preacher curl pad that can be added to the front of the Golds Gym bench to provide additional bicep exercises. This can be removed if you find it gets in the way of bench pressing or chest exercises.

One final muscle group that can be worked with the Golds Gym Deluxe Maxi Weight Bench is the legs. The leg developer with padded rollers allows you to perform either leg extensions or lying hamstring curls depending on your position.

As there is no weight tower or cable pulley system with this bench, the resistance is generated by weight plates that can be loaded onto the weight peg at the front of the leg developer.

The padded back rest and seat sections ensure you are in a comfortable and stable position before starting your exercise, with the bench back rest being a little wider than most designs to help provide added stability.

Another nice design feature of the Golds Gym Weight Bench and Power Rack is the weight pegs at the back of the power rack. These can be used to store the weight plates you use for the leg developer and main barbell exercises.


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Golds Gym Deluxe Maxi Weight Bench With Power Rack – Features Summary

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  • Heavy duty multi-position Military, Incline, Flat and Decline bench
  • Separate height adjustable squat and chest press power rack stand
  • Hi-density foam padded seat and back rest, Comfortable foam ankle rests.
  • Maximum User Weight: 20 stone



Exercises available (weights sold separately)

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  • Chest: Incline Press, Flat Press, Decline Press
  • Back: Bent Over Row, Reverse Bent Row, Deadlift
  • Shoulders: Seated Shoulder Press, Front Raises, Upright Rows, Shrugs
  • Biceps: Barbell Curls, Preacher Curls, Reverse Curls
  • Triceps: Tricep Press, Tricep Extensions, Bench Dips
  • Legs: Squats, Leg Curls, Leg Extensions, Romanian Deadlifts
  • Abs: Barbell Rollouts, Decline Crunches



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