Gold's Gym Dip Station

Gold’s Gym Dip Station

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The Gold’s Gym Dip Station has been designed to offer a stable frame from which to perform both dips and leg raises.

The base of the frame features a shape and length that improves stability and prevents any rocking or movement when performing the exercises.

As the dip bars have been positioned slightly higher than many other dip stations, there are also foot rest platforms. These allow you to step up to a more comfortable height before starting the exercises.

Being free-standing this means you can easily move the dip station into storage when not in use if you are limited on space.


Gold’s Gym Dip Station comfort features

The handles themselves have been coated in a high quality rubber to both increase grip and protect your hands to prevent discomfort, particularly when performing bodyweight and weighted dips.

The back and arm rests are well padded for when you want to exercise your abs with roman chair style leg or knee raises.

The world famous Gold’s Gym logo design on the back rest and main vertical supports also helps to enhance the overall look of this dip station.


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Gold’s Gym Dip Station – Features Summary



  • Strong steel construction
  • Adjustable, padded back and elbow pads for comfort




Benefits of performing dips

[one_half]Dips are an excellent exercise for improving your overall upper body strength and size, particularly in your chest, triceps and shoulders.

If you want to focus more on working your chest muscles then you can lean forward slightly, whereas holding a more vertical position with your elbows closer to your sides will focus more on your triceps doing the work.

Because of the strong steel construction, the frame of the Gold’s Gym Dip Station can support a maximum user weight of 120kg.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Gold's Gym Dip Station[/one_half_last]

This means that if you weigh 80kg then you are still able to add up to 40kg of additional weight plates to a dipping belt if you find the bodyweight dips don’t stress the muscles enough.




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