Golds Gym Transformer Dumbbell

Golds Gym Transformer Dumbbell 20kg Review

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The Golds Gym Transformer Dumbbell has been designed around being as compact as possible, while still offering you a lot of variety when it comes to how heavy to make the weight.

While you may be used to seeing fixed weight dumbbells in the gym and dumbbells with weight plates, the chances are you may not have seen the adjustable versions.

Detaching all the weight plates is possible, leaving just the dumbbell frame

This is because they are usually reserved for people who intend to use them for working out at home due to taking up less storage space when not being used.

The main idea behind the Golds Gym Transformer dumbbell is to provide a high quality free weight that can be adjusted through a range of weights to prevent you having to buy an entire dumbbell set.

This helps to save on space as well as making it easier to transport if you are doing a lot of travelling and need something that will easily fit in the car, which also makes it particularly useful for personal trainers.


Using the Golds Gym Transformer Dumbbell

As soon as you take this dumbbell out of the box it is already setup and ready to be used. As with any adjustable dumbbell it’s worth wiping down the metal weight plates with a cloth and WD-40 to make sure there is a nice smooth action to lifting the handle clear of any weight plates not being used. This will also prevent any unused weight plates sticking when you lift the dumbbell off the rack.

The dumbbell itself without any weight plates selected weighs in around 4.5 kg, with the weight plates weighing approximately 2kg each.

There is a solid metal pin positioned at the top of the Golds Gym Transformer Dumbbell that can be fixed at different positions depending on how many weight plates you want to use.


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Golds Gym Transformer Dumbbell 20kg – Features Summary

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  • 20kg (44lbs) Transformer Dumbbell; Fully Adjustable From 4.5kg (9.9lbs) To 20kg (44lbs)
  • Unique Click And Slide System Increases And Decreases Weight Instantly
  • Replaces Lots Of Individual Dumbbells
  • Compact, Space Saving Design
  • Chrome Plated, Cast Iron Construction
  • Stylish, Innovative And Economical



Chrome plated cast iron materials

One of the differences with the Golds Gym Transformer Dumbbell compared to some other adjustable dumbbells is the amount of plastic used. This is kept to a minimum thanks to the click and slide system being controlled by a metal pin and the weight plates and handle being made of cast iron.

As well as protecting the dumbbell from damage, this also helps to keep the length to a minimum. This is useful for exercises such as dumbbell curls where you don’t want to be bringing the dumbbell too far forward before being able to rotate your wrist and start the bicep contraction.

This can be an issue with plastic weights due to the weight plates being thicker.


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