Gorilla Sports Weight Bench with 100kg Weight Set

Gorilla Sports Weight Bench with 100Kg weight set

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The Gorilla Sports Weight Bench comes complete with a 100kg weight set, which includes a range of weight plate sizes and bar types to allow you to start working out as soon as possible.

UPDATE MAY 2016 – Product Not Available

The product recently became unavailable to purchase online and we could not locate a time for more product to become available (if at all). We have sourced a similarly-priced product with fantastic package inclusions. Just click on the product image below to view the specifications and pricing. We hope it helps you find what you’re looking for!

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Bench design features

Gorilla Sports Weight Bench with 100Kg weight set

Although the Gorilla Sports Weight Bench doesn’t offer incline and decline adjustments the same way as benches like the Bodymax CF330, there are still a range of features that make this a good choice for home workouts.

One of the main problems with choosing a weights bench for use at home is the amount of space it takes up.

While there are some benches that can fold nearly flat to slide under a bed (Bodymax CF412), there are very few that can fold away but still offer a barbell rack for barbell workouts.

This is one of the main features of the Gorilla Sports Weight Bench, which can be folded vertically when not in use to take up much less space.

With the bench folded down, you can choose to have the back support in a flat position (for bench press and weights exercises), or in a decline position with the front stabilizer folded under.

The decline position provides an effective platform from which to perform decline situps, with a strap provided to keep your body from sliding down the bench during this exercise.

One final feature of the bench worth mentioning is the barbell supports. These are individually adjustable with a range of height settings to make sure the bar is always within easy reach when performing the barbell bench press.


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Gorilla Sports Weight Bench – Features Summary

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  • Adjustable weight bench with 100Kg Vinyl Complete Weight Set
  • Special purchase: Save nearly £30. These two items would cost £229.98 if bought separately.
  • Adjustable Weight Bench: Padded bench can be folded down for sit-ups
  • Height-adjustable barbell rack
  • Simple to fold for easy storage
  • 100Kg Weight Set: 4 x 1.25Kg weight plates, 4 x 2.5Kg weight plates, 2 x 5Kg weight plates, 2 x 10Kg weight plates, 2 x 15Kg weight plates
  • Bars: 1 x 170cm Barbell bar, 1 x 120cm EZ Curl bar, 2 x 35cm dumbbell bar, 8 x spinlock star collars to secure the weights
  • Weight plate hole diameter 31mm
  • Plastic coating prevents scratches and scuffs to the floor of your workout area



Weight set design features

The 100kg weight set features a range of useful barb types

Although the Gorilla Sports Weight Bench is also available on its own, this particular version also provides you with a 100kg weight set.

The 5.5ft bar is the ideal length for use with the barbell supports, as a 6ft or even 7ft bar would be at risk of tipping off the frame if unbalanced, particularly without bar locking pins.

The thickness of all bars provided in this set means they are classed as ‘standard’ rather than ‘Olympic’, making them fully compatible with any other standard sized weight plates you might already have at home.

The combination of the straight bar, cambered bar, and dumbbells makes this an excellent set for performing a wide range of upper and lower body exercises, both with and without the bench.


Workout options

With such a range of bar types and weight plate sizes, the Gorilla Sports Weight Bench and weight plate set makes a wide range of exercises possible, from lunges to concentration curls.

The following list is just a sample of the exercises you can include in your workouts if you were to buy this bench and weight set:
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  • Biceps – Reverse barbell curls
  • Shoulders – Upright rows, side lateral raises, rear delt flys
  • Chest – Flat barbell bench press, dumbbell flys
  • Triceps – Overhead tricep extensions, french press
  • Back – Barbell rows, dumbbell rows, pullovers
  • Quads – Dumbbell lunges, dumbbell squats
  • Hamstrings – Stiff legged deadlifts
  • Traps – Dumbbell shrugs, barbell shrugs



Customer reviews

As with buying any new piece of fitness or weightlifting equipment for your home gym, it’s important to check the customer reviews to get an idea of what people think about it who have already bought the bench.

At the time of writing this product article, 90% of the customer reviews for the Gorilla Sports Weight Bench were rated the full 5 stars.

The main things that people liked was the fact that you get the 100kg weight plate set, the folding design which saved them space, and the stability of the bench when performing both the free weight exercises and decline situps.

The only real negative comments were related to the bench being considered more of a beginner design due to its middle of the range weight limit (200kg) and lack of leg developer attachment.


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