Gym Master Power Tower Home Gym

Gym Master Power Tower Home Gym

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The Gym Master Power Tower has been designed to provide you with a way of performing some of the most popular and effective calisthenics exercises for building upper body strength and size.

With so many different types of pull up and dip stations now available, it can be difficult to know exactly what to look for when buying one for use in your home.

This product article takes a look at all the features as well as the exercises you can perform and the benefits of choosing this particular tower.



Design features

If you are looking to buy a new pull up and dip station, the Gym Master Power Tower has all the features you need for an effective upper body workout.

The main frame design has been reinforced with cross supports to join the two main upright sections in three key places; the base, at the back support and across the top for the wide pull-up bar.

This not only strengthens the frame but also improves stability, removing the risk of any twisting in the frame when performing pull-ups with heavier weights.

The top handles on the dip station even fold away to allow easier access to the pull up bar.[/one_half]
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Effectively build your grip and back strength

The pull-up bar at the top of the frame has been designed to improve your grip over traditional pull-ups as well as making it easier to hold onto the bar. This is achieved through having 4 short sections wrapped in a thicker padded coating.

The texture of this padding has been designed to make it easier to hold onto the bar when performing both wide grip pull ups and closer grip chin ups.

The added thickness also causes your grip strength to improve, making the Gym Master Power Tower ideal for if you are looking to build bigger and stronger back and bicep muscles.


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Gym Master Power Tower – Features Summary



  • Allows you to do pull-ups, chin-ups, dips, leg raises and more in the comfort and style of a home gym.
  • Dip station develops your triceps as you increase upper body strength.
  • Sturdy and compact design.
  • Thick cushions provide firm support and protection to your arms and back during your workout.
  • Traction-ready grips.
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    Grow your chest, triceps and shoulders

    [one_half]Despite the design being mainly based around pull ups, the angle of the frame also means the parallel dip bars are tilted forward slightly. This helps you to lean forward slightly when performing dips and puts your chest in the best position for being worked effectively.

    The bars are set a comfortable distance apart so you still use a lot of shoulder and tricep strength during the dips, with plenty of room underneath to go through whichever range of motion you are most comfortable with.[/one_half]
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    While most pull up and dip stations stop at the pull up and dip features to build your chest and back, the Gym Master Power Tower also has handles built into the upright supports quite close to the base for push ups.

    These are positioned slightly higher off the ground than some other models which helps to give you a better stretch in your pectoral muscles.

    As with all handles on the Gym Master Power Tower, the set attached near the base are coated to soften the pressure on your hands and make them more comfortable to grip.


    Stronger abs and obliques

    An important part of training your upper body is the quality of your core workouts. That is, the exercises that work your lower back, abdominal wall, obliques and even intercostals.

    The padded back rest and arm rests will keep you as comfortable as possible while performing different variations of leg raises. This is an exercise designed to target your entire abdominal wall, but primarily your lower abs.

    The vertical handles in front of the padded arm rests have been added for you to grip when performing this exercise and help to keep your upper body taking the work out of the leg raises.

    Because of the angle of the frame for the Gym Master Power Tower, if you keep your back flat to the padded rest then you get a much better stretch in your abs when you fully lower your legs to the start position.




  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Dips
  • Knee raises
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Oblique twists
  • [/checklist]


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