Authentic RDX Pro Weight Lifting Hook Grip Straps

Hook Grip Weight Lifting Straps Authentic RDX

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The Authentic RDX Hook Grip lifting straps have been designed to help take some of the stress away from your hands and wrists and put more into letting your back, shoulder muscles and arms do the work.

As with other RDX lifting straps, there is the high quality thick neoprene padding throughout the main wrist support. When you are tightening the strap it’s always best to make sure it is as far down your wrist as possible and rests just before your hand. This will make sure it doesn’t slip out of position when taking the strain of the weight or during your workout set.

A good way to check the correct positioning with the RDX Hook Grip straps, once you have the wrist section strapped up, is to lay your palm out flat and check that the hook section hangs down to just above where your fingers start.


The design of the hook grip

[one_half]The thickness of the strap that hangs down with the hook grip is also important.

By being wider than your normal lifting straps this helps to spread the weight more evenly on the point where the strap joins the wrist support, which together with the neoprene padding will prevent the strap digging into your wrist during the exercise.

The actual hook grip itself slides into a custom made sleeve in the lifting strap, and has the took hook sections coated in a material that will help prevent the bar from slipping out of the hook towards the final repetitions of a set.

The curve of the hook grip also means that it can be used with a range of different barbell and dumbbell bar sizes.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Wider strap sections down to the hook grip help spread the tension when lifting the weight[/one_half_last]


How to use the Authentic RDX Hook Grip lifting straps

Compared to conventional lifting straps that can start to slide and come undone if not secured correctly, it is much simpler to workout using the Authentic RDX Hook Grip straps.

All you need to do is slide the wrist support section over your hand, secure the velcro strap so the hook grip is just above where your fingers start and hook it onto the barbell, dumbbell or any other bar where you need grip support.


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[one_half_last]Hook Grip Weight Lifting Straps Authentic RDX[/one_half_last]


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Hook Grip Weight Lifting Straps Authentic RDX – Features Summary


  • Adjustable Velcro closure customizes fit around the wrist
  • Lined with shock-absorbent neoprene padding which enhances stability
  • Secure grip with coated steel hooks, One size fits all, Sold In Pairs
  • Heavy-duty, adjustable wrist straps For strength training
  • Transfers weight to arms, shoulders and back, Takes the burden of heavy weight off your fingers
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    When to use lifting straps

    The Authentic RDX Hook Grip straps are a very effective way of quickly being able to get a secure grip on the bar and are excellent for supersetting push and pull movements such as dumbbell bench press with dumbbell rows.

    As with any lifting strap it is important to use in moderation and not for every set of your workout. To help develop your grip strength you will usually see weightlifters only using straps on their last work set, or later in their workout if their grip fails.





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