Image Pro 2 Multi Function Exercise Bench

Image Pro 2 Multi Function Bench Review

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The Image Pro 2 is a great example of a full workout bench system that has been designed to allow you to work every muscle group, not just the muscles used when you bench press.

With the bench being able to support some of the heaviest weight of any home or commercial bench press, while still keeping the total cost low, this makes for an excellent choice for home gyms.


Upper body exercises possible with the Image Pro 2

Image Pro 2 Multi Function Exercise Bench

The exercise that most weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts think of when they see a bench and barbell rack is the bench press. The Image Pro 2 bench is also capable of supporting up to 400kg in weight including user body weight for bench press exercises.

The bench can be adjusted through the full range of flat to nearly vertical angles allowing for variations of bench press.

Combining the incline bench press, flat bench press and the butterfly exercise that is also possible with the Image Pro 2, this will promote total chest development.

As well as being used to support the barbell, the main frame also features dip bars that can be used most effectively when the bench is in an incline position to allow a full range of motion.

The solid design to the base of the dip station means that the dip bars don’t move around at all during the exercise.

As well as the chest exercises such as dips, bench press and butterfly chest flys, you can also use the Image Pro 2 bench features for training your abdominal muscles.

At the top of the padded back rest is a cable pulley with an attachment designed to wrap comfortably around your shoulders, usually when the bench is in an incline position.

From this seated position you can then lean forwards and contract your abdominal muscles against the resistance created by the leg developer weight peg.


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Image Pro II Multi Function Exercise Bench – Features Summary

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  • Weights and Bar Shown in Photo Not Included
  • Maximum Weight including User – 400kg
  • 6 Different Seat Angle Settings Including Flat & 90 Degree
  • 5 Different Barbell Upright Support Settings
  • Includes Preacher Curl, Leg Extension, Butterfly & Sit-Up/Ab Attachments
  • Dimensions: 120cm (W), 185cm (D), 128cm (H)



Leg developer exercises

One of the best things about the design of the Image Pro 2 bench is the leg developer. Because of the support frame at the front and back of the bench, you can actually change the position of the leg developer to create different resistance at either end of the bench depending on your exercise.

If you want to use the cable pulley attached to the top of the back rest then simply slide the leg developer into the support stand at the back of the bench and load your weight plates on its weight peg.

This also then leaves the front support stand free for you to slide in the padded preacher curl section and perform preacher curls to exercise your biceps.

With the leg developer positioned at the front of the Image Pro 2 bench, this allows for both leg extensions and hamstring curls to be performed. The leg extensions require you to sit at the end of the bench and tuck your feet under the padded rollers before lifting the weight.

You can perform the hamstring curls by lying face down on the bench with your heels tucked under the top set of padded rollers and contract your hamstrings, bringing your heels up towards your lower back.


Maximum load for each station:

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  • Preacher Curl – 100Kgs
  • Butterfly Arms – 80Kgs
  • Abs – 50Kgs
  • Leg Extension – 50Kgs
  • Actual Bench Weight – 45kgs


The diameter of the storage pins for the weights plates is 1″ so will hold standard (1″) plates. 2″ adapter sleeves are available at extra cost for use with 2″ Olympic plates. The distance between the uprights for the barbell is 60cms (inner dimension). The maximum height setting for the barbell uprights is 110cms.


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