Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi Gym

Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi-Gym

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The Kettler Fitmaster Premium multi-gym has been designed to create a wide variety of both upper and lower body exercise options, with a number of adjustable settings to suit different body types, including the seat and back support.


Frame design and lat pulldowns

[one_half]One of the key design points that makes the Kettler Fitmaster Premium multi gym so effective is its versatility. Aside from the main cable pulley system, there is a range of different settings that can adjust to suit your natural range of motion when performing the exercises.

The raised base of the frame has three main benefits; it helps to improve the stability of the machine, allows the attachment of end caps to the frame bars to protect the floor, and provides enough height to use as a foot rest to perform seated rows.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi-Gym[/one_half_last]

The top of this frame has been angled upwards to create a greater range of motion for lat pulldowns. This provides you with a greater stretch and contraction of the muscles, essentially making it a more effective exercise.

As well as the lat pulldown variations that are possible, this higher cable pulley also gives you the option of including tricep pushdowns in your arms workouts.

A smooth running pulley design enables the resistance of the main 60kg weight stack to be used with a high pulley, low pulley, or central arms for a wide variety of exercises.


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[one_half_last]Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi-Gym[/one_half_last]


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Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi-Gym – Features Summary


  • Premium multi-gym includes latissimus pull-frame, butterfly and bench press station, leg extension and hand and foot loop for rope pulley.
  • The 60 kg weight block is split into 5 kg levels and ensures effective training for each and every performance stage reached.
  • A biceps curl bar makes diversified muscle training possible.
  • Leg pull seated, butterfly, rowing seated, leg stretch, latissimus pull down and bicep curls all possible using this versatile machine.




Pressing arms and seated rows

[one_half]While most multi gyms will only feature a lat pulldown bar for back workouts, this particular design also includes a seated row option using the pressing arms.

The angle of the arms can be adjusted using simple locking pins, which helps to move the handles further towards the weight stack to create the rowing option.

To provide you with a greater range of motion, as well as better chest support when performing this exercise, the central section of the padded back support can be adjusted to stand out from the other two sections.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]The main arms can be used for chest presses, seated rows, and pec flys thanks to their adjustable position[/one_half_last]

This helps to keep your upper body more vertical and achieve a greater contraction in the back muscles when rowing using the arms.

These pressing arms can also be used in their standard position for both chest presses and pec flys.

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Leg developer and low cable pulley

[one_half]While most multi gyms are generally considered as a piece of upper body workout equipment, the leg developer attached to the Kettler Fitmaster Premium does offer two effective exercise options for your legs.

From a seated position you can perform leg extensions to focus more on working your quadriceps, or if you want to train your hamstrings then standing leg curls are also possible.

If you want to train your legs with even more isolation movements, attaching an ankle strap to the cantilever clip of the low cable pulley makes outer thigh raises and standing leg lifts possible.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Kettler Fitmaster Premium Multi-Gym[/one_half_last]

This low cable pulley can also be used for a variety of exercises that can work your shoulders (upright rows, lateral raises), biceps (curls), and even back (shrugs, rows) depending on the type of cable attachment you use.


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