Klarfit Barbell Bar and Weights Set 58kg

Klarfit Barbell and Weights Set 58.5kg

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The Klarfit barbell bar and weights set is the perfect choice for anyone looking to start lifting weights from home.


Design features

The 5.5ft long barbell is a lot shorter than the usual 7ft Olympic barbells that you may be used to seeing in your local gym, and with the shorter length comes a lighter weight.

Weighing in at just over 8kg, the Klarfit Barbell bar is easy to move if you need to store the weights set out of the way. This also makes it a lighter starting weight for anyone looking to start lifting weights but finds the larger 20kg bars that often form part of a weight set too heavy.

From the 8.5kg starting weight you can load the bar weight up to a total of 58.5kg, and heavier if you buy additional weight plates separately.

Despite the shorter length of the bar the Klarfit Barbell weight set can still be used for exercises such as back squats and overhead presses.


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Klarfit Barbell Bar and Weights Set 58.5kg – Features Summary


  • Barbell with 6 weights with a total 50kg weight – 8.5kg barbell weight for a total of 58.5kg weight
  • Tough design with imprinted Klarfit logo
  • Chrome barbell
  • Star lock collars for securing weights
  • Weight plates with protective plastic coating – prevents weight rattling
  • Non-slip, easy-curl grip
  • Wear-resistant thread
  • Barbell material: Stainless steel
  • Weights material: Hard plastic casing
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    Secure weight plate loading

    As with most barbell and weight plate sets sold for home use, the weight plates are locked in place with a spinlock weight plate collar.

    Due to the weights plates being coated in a high quality hard plastic casing, this also means they will tighten much better to the weight and prevent any rattling.

    This coating also helps to prevent any damage to wooden flooring if the weight is dropped a short distance.


    Crosshatch bar markings for improved grip

    [one_half]While the inner section of the barbell has a smoother finish, there are two large sections where your hands will be positioned in most exercises that are crosshatched to improve your grip.

    As well as helping prevent the bar rotate during barbell curls, this will help stop your grip from slipping when using heavier weights for exercises such as shrugs and upright rows.

    The positioning and edges of the crosshatch sections on the Klarfit Barbell also act as markers for your hand positions.[/one_half]
    [one_half_last]Klarfit Barbell Bar Bicep Curls[/one_half_last]

    This can be useful during exercises where you need to identify whether you need to widen or narrow your grip, in order to work a muscle group more effectively.




    • Barbell length: 170cm
    • Grip surface length: 20cm
    • Weight length: 28cm
    • Barbell diameter: 2.5cm
    • 5kg weight diameter: 25cm
    • 10kg weight diameter: 32cm
    • Barbell weight: 8.5kg




  • 1 x Barbell
  • 4 x 10kg weights
  • 2 x 5kg weights
  • 2 x Star collars
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