Klarfit FIT-KS02

Klarfit FIT-KS02 Workout Machine Review

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The Klarfit FIT-KS02 workout machine is more than just an exercise bench. Being designed with 3 main types of resistance (Free weight, cable and lever) not only will you be able to work your upper body muscles effectively, you will also be able to work them from a variety of angles to make sure you develop the muscle as fully as possible.

There are also some very effective leg exercises that are possible with the Klarfit FIT-KS02 which we will take a look at later in the article.


Upper body workouts

The main feature that stands out when you first see this workout machine is the solidly constructed, adjustable barbell supports. As well as the pins that are screwed into place there are also safety catches that slide in to holes on the sides of the support bars to add an extra element of stability and safety.

The front lip on the top of the barbell supports is angled so that it will prevent the bar from rolling off, while still being low enough that you only need to press the bar a couple of inches to lift it clear of the rack and start your set.

The lip at the back of the supports is much longer and more vertical so you can press the bar up to full extension and carefully slide it back until you feel it bump against it.

With the Klarfit FIT bench being adjustable thanks to a simple semi-circle support underneath with a pin that you can pull out, adjust the bench and slide back in depending on if you are performing incline or flat barbell presses, this means you can focus on your upper, middle and lower chest development equally.

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Butterly chest fly and bicep curls

Klarfit FIT-KS02 Preacher Curl Feature

Another chest exercise possible with the Klarfit FIT-KS02 is the butterfly or pec fly. Normally performed with a set of dumbbells or cable attachments, with this bench design there is a set of levers and padded rollers that can be used in a similar way to focus on your inner chest development.

The resistance for this is limited to approximately 40kg per side which you will know if you have performed this exercise with dumbbells, is more than enough for an effective workout.

The main bicep exercises that can be performed with the use of the padded preacher curl section on the Klarfit FIT-KS02 are barbell preacher curls, cambered bar barbell curls and dumbbell preacher curls.

It would be useful in bench workout stations such as this if the bar rest attachment was detachable so that you could get a fuller stretch on the lower portion of preacher curls but there don’t appear to be any that fit that requirement, either in home workout machines or commercial benches.


Abdominal and back exercises

One final area of design that allows you to work your abdominal muscles is the cable that runs through the top of the main bench. Although this may look like it gets in the way of bench presses, it’s just a simple case of sliding the cable off the edge of the bench and the main cable pulley is positioned out of the way of the top of the bench so you won’t even notice.

You will need to remove the barbell (not supplied with the bench) to perform this exercise, but if you change the incline of the Klarfit FIT bench until it is nearly vertical or vertical, then you can wrap the attachment that is supplied around your shoulders and slowly lean forward towards the preacher pad, contracting your abdominal muscles as you go.

The resistance for this exercise is entirely adjustable and depends on how much weight you load onto the weight peg on the leg exercise section of the Klarfit-KS-02. Although this has a weight limit of 60kg, this will only be an issue with the leg exercises if you have strong legs, and is more than enough weight for performing seated ab crunches if performed with the correct contraction. This can also be used for a variety of back exercises such as variations of cable rows.


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Klarfit FIT-KS02 – Features Summary

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  • Gym and weight bench for an effective total body workout
  • Consists of training bench and curl station, each with barbell rack, leg curl, butterfly and cable pulley
  • For arms and shoulders, upper and lower thighs, abdomen, back and buttocks
  • Well padded backrest, seat and curl station
  • Easy installation – includes well illustrated manual
  • Included: 1 x Exercise bench as an assembly kit. Installation instructions



Lower body exercises with the Klarfit FIT-KS02

As well as the wide variety of upper body exercises, there is also the leg extension and hamstring curl bench feature. When the bench is lying completely flat, you can face away from the preacher curl pad at the other end of the bench and hook your feet under the lower set of padded rollers. From this position you can perform the leg extensions up to a maximum weight of 60kg (weight plates not included with the Klarfit FIT-KS02 workout machine).

Standing hamstring curls can be performed one leg at a time by standing with your calf against the lower padded rollers and facing the preacher curl. Then you just need to try raising your heel up to your lower back, focussing the contraction on the hamstring and lower the weight back down. Again there is a 60kg weight limit with this exercise.


Maximum weights and available adjustments

  • Max. total load: 280kg (including weights and training equipment)
  • Max. body weight: up to 100kg
  • Max. leg curl resilience: approx. 60kg
  • Max. curl station resilience: approx. 30kg
  • Max. butterfly resilience: approx. 40kg
  • Max. bench press resilience: approx. 180kg
  • Shoulder workout incline: 90
  • Backrest adjustable in 6-stages between 16.5 and 42.9 inches (42 to 109cm)
  • Curl station height adjustable in 3-stages
  • 3-stage adjustable leg press
  • 5-stage adjustable dumbbell rack
  • 1.8″ (4.5cm) thick padding
  • Non-slip feet
  • Self-locking screws

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