Klarfit FIT KS03 Home Weight Bench

Klarfit FIT-KS03 Home Weight Bench Review

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The Klarfit FIT-KS03 is a 2 part strength and muscle building setup that provides both a weights bench and barbell rack to support a wide range of upper body exercises from your own home gym.

This product article takes a look at this bench in more detail, but also makes a comparison with a very similar set that is often available for less than half the price.


Design features

Klarfit FIT-KS03 Home Weight Bench

If you are considering buying a new weights bench to use at home, the Klarfit FIT-KS03 comes with a number of useful design features that could make it an ideal choice.

The most noticeable of these is the free standing nature of the bench and barbell rack. This makes it much easier to adjust the position of the bench under the bar before performing your set.

This also prevents you having to reach your arms to an unnatural position and risk injury, simply to rack or unrack the weight.

But there’s also the different positions you can set the back support to on the Klarfit FIT-KS03 bench. With 9 optional angles ranging from 90 degrees around to 210 degrees including flat, incline, and decline variations, this creates a much wider range of options for upper body workouts than for flat benches alone.

Klarfit have even added a preacher curl attachment to the front of the bench that can be adjusted to one of 2 heights settings, depending on which works the muscle most effectively for your natural range of motion.

One final feature worth mentioning is the weight plate storage area. There are 2 weight plate storage pegs built into the rear of the barbell frame, designed to make handling and accessing weight plates much simpler.


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Klarfit FIT-KS03 – Features Summary

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  • Gym and weight bench for an effective upper body workout
  • Consists of training bench and curl station with barbell rack, leg curl and cable separate barbell holder
  • For biceps, triceps, upper and thighs, and stomach muscles
  • Well padded backrest, seat and curl station
  • Easy installation – includes well illustrated manual
  • 9-stage adjustable backrest – between 90 – 210 to the seat surface
  • 2-stage adjustable curl desk height
  • 5-step adjustable barbell holder height – between 25.6″ – 55.1″ (65 -140cm)
  • 1.8″ (4.5cm) thick padding
  • Barbell holder also be used individually as a squat station
  • Dimensions



Comparison with the Physionics HNTLB06

Klarfit FIT-KS03 Home Weight Bench

While the Klarfit-KS03 certainly offers some attractive features for a weights bench in this price range, it’s not without competition.

In terms of the bench adjustment and overall design, the Physionics HNTLB06 matches this Klarfit bench, but for a price that’s often 50% lower.

Both benches are free standing from the main barbell rack, with a range of different back support positions allowing for both incline and flat exercise variations.

The barbell rack for each bench also comes with 5 height settings for the barbell support and weight plate storage pegs designed to hold your standard sized weight plates.

In fact these are two very similar benches, with the main difference being the price.


Workout options

Although design and price are certainly important, being able to correctly perform a wider range of exercises is usually the main reason for buying a weights bench in the first place.

Being free standing, this means you don’t need to worry about being restricted to either barbell or dumbbell workouts.

By simply sliding the bench under the rack you can quickly switch from basic dumbbell exercises, such as dumbbell flys, to more advanced barbell exercises, such as seated military presses.

The following list of exercise options forms part of the 30+ exercises you can perform on the Klarfit FIT-KS03, when combined with a basic dumbbell and weight plate setup:
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  • Seated military presses
  • Dumbbell pullovers
  • Flat bench press
  • Incline bench press
  • Preacher curl

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  • Dumbbell flys
  • Overhead tricep extensions
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Barbell curl
  • Upright rows



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