Klarfit FIT-KS04 Workout Station

Klarfit FIT-KS04 Workout Station

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The Klarfit FIT-KS04 Workout Station has been designed to allow you to perform the widest range of upper body exercises of any pull up and dip tower.

From situps and leg raises to push ups and dips, there’s a whole range of exercises that are made possible thanks to a few clever design features.


Strength and stability

[one_half]One of the most important things to look for when buying a new workout station is the design of the base of the frame.

The base design is what will keep the tower stable when performing dips and pull ups, so it’s important to buy a workout station with that extra length in the base supports.

The Klarfit FIT-KS04 has this extra length in the base supports at the front instead of the back to help ensure stability and make it easier to fit up against a wall to preserve space in your home gym.[/one_half]
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As well as stability, it’s important that the frame can support your bodyweight and any additional weight plates comfortably. The Klarfit FIT-KS04 achieves this by adding cross supports connecting the underside of the arm rests with the main vertical supports. This helps to reinforce the areas where you will be pushing down on with the most pressure and helps prevent any movement in the handles or frame.

A nice touch with this particular workout station is the addition of triangular frame sections on top of the main triangular base supports. These have been added to act as a step up to both the pull-up bar and to help get into position for leg raises using the back and arm rests.


Handle design and padding

[one_half]The Klarfit FIT-KS04 also features 4 sets of handles; on the pull-up bar, for dips, for leg raises and one for performing push ups.

Each of these handles has been coated to help protect your hands when lifting, as well as improving your grip on the bar (pull ups) and relieving the pressure on your hands compared to pressing down on a solid metal bar (dips and push ups).

Another area of this workout station where Klarfit have really thought about comfort when performing exercises is in the padded back and arm supports.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Klarfit FIT-KS04 Workout Station[/one_half_last]

Where many designs feature very thin padding which can cause discomfort or your forearms to roll off the sides of the arm rests, the thickness and quality of the padding on the Klarfit FIT-KS04 keeps your forearms well protected and stable throughout your exercise.

One of the most unique features about this workout station is the addition of the padded rollers attached to the lower cross support of the frame. These have been added to allow you to tuck your feet underneath and prevent your feet from rising off the ground when performing sit ups.


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Klarfit FIT-KS04 Workout Station – Features Summary


  • Versatile pull up station with 6 functions
  • Ideal for training the upper body
  • Sturdy rectangular steel frame
  • Incl. pull up bar, push up grips, dip grips and leg supports for sit ups
  • Max. load capacity: up to 100kg
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    Upper body workouts

    [one_half]In terms of upper body workouts, the Klarfit FIT-KS04 has been designed to provide you with a range of exercise possibilities for working your back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and abdominals.

    The handles for the dips and push ups have been kept a little wider than shoulder width apart to enable you to work your triceps just as effectively as your chest and shoulders.

    One of the main benefits of the push up handles attached to the base is their raised up height.[/one_half]
    [one_half_last]Klarfit FIT-KS04 Workout Station[/one_half_last]

    Where standard push ups will see your hands pressing against the floor, the raised up design of these handles means you can lower your upper body through a wider range of motion.

    This not only helps recruit a wider range of muscle fibers but also keeps your bodyweight distributed over a much smaller area due to gripping a bar instead of keeping your hand flat out on the floor. This helps to focus more on your tricep development, without hurting your hands thanks to the coating applied to the ends of the handles.



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