Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Gym With Bench

Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Gym With Bench

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The Life Fitness G7 was built with the same high quality design, performance and quality of their commercial equipment but specifically tailored for you and your home.

Each part of this complete home gym system was thoughtfully crafted to deliver a customised workout with endless options.


What do you get with the Life Fitness G7 Gym System?

As well as the main gym system with the weight stacks and frame, with this package you also get a range of features not often provided with other multi gyms.

The adjustable weights bench is possibly the most useful addition, which can be rolled into place when required and even folds up to reduce the space it takes up when not in use.

It can often take a while to find out all the exercises that are actually possible with such a flexible training system. To help with this, Life Fitness has included both an instructional DVD and a mounted exercise book with 60 exercises to give you some inspiration during your workouts.

If you want to create a custom workout from these exercises then you can even remove and replace pages to create a fitness plan you can just work your way through.

The training DVD is also particularly useful, including 2 strength training routines created by a certified personal trainer which cover different training goals. One is designed as a 30 minute total body workout, while the other is more of a high energy circuit workout.

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Chest and shoulder workouts

[one_half]One of the most popular features for people training using a multi gym is a good quality cable system. Something that has weight stacks heavy enough to provide all the weight you need for effectively working the larger muscle groups such as your pectoral muscles.

The Life Fitness G7 comes with 2 weight towers, each weighing approximately 73kg. This helps to make sure there is heavy enough resistance to perform chest presses from the weight bench provided.

As well as being removable, this weight bench is also fully adjustable meaning you can switch from flat bench chest presses to incline presses very quickly.

The bench can also help provide a stable platform from which to perform seated shoulder presses as part of a shoulder workout.[/one_half]
[one_half_last]Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Gym With Bench[/one_half_last]

Although both the bench press and shoulder press exercises require the cable pulleys to be adjusted to a low height position, with 20 settings to choose from you can be sure of finding a setting that suits your preference.

With adjustable cable pulleys and a removable weight bench there really is a very wide range of exercises you can perform for shoulder and chest workouts.

[one_half]Chest exercises:

  • Chest press
  • Flat cable crossover
  • Decline chest press
  • Incline cable crossover
  • Close-grip chest press
  • Extended-arm pec fly
  • Unsupported chest press

[one_half_last]Shoulder exercises:

  • Front raise
  • Seated and standing shoulder presses
  • Upright row
  • Lateral raise
  • Rear delt raise
  • Reverse fly



Tricep workouts

While the chest press and overhead press movements exercise your triceps to an extent, it’s also useful to know what isolation exercises are available for training this muscle using the Life Fitness G7.

One of the great benefits of cable machines is the variety of attachments that can be used to work different muscle groups from a wide range of angles. Triceps are one of the muscles that benefit from this the most, and while the G7 is supplied with standard handle attachments it may also be worth buying attachments such as the Marcy Clubline Pivoting Pressdown Bar to create even more training options.

Tricep exercises:

  • Triceps extension
  • One-arm triceps extension
  • Overhead triceps
  • Seated triceps extension
  • Tricep kickbacks



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Life Fitness G7 – Features Summary



  • Two dual weight stacks allow you to exercise one side of the body at a time or both sides at the same time
  • 20 ultra-smooth pulley adjustments per column enable users to perform a virtually endless number of exercises
  • Quick Lock cable end attachments make switching out attachments quick and easy
  • Mounted Exercise Book shows you how to perform over 60 exercises, allows you to build your own workouts and track your progress. Training DVD allows you to follow along with a certified personal trainer as she guides you through 2 workout routines
  • Space-efficient design fits nicely in a corner
  • Dual 160lbs (73kg) weight stacks
  • Traditional Handle Adapter Clips
  • 1 Pair of Medium Strap Handles
  • Foot Strap
  • Thigh Strap
  • Integrated Exercise Book
  • Training DVD




Back and bicep workouts

[one_half]As well as a wide range of chest workout options, the Life Fitness G7 also includes a variety of exercises for working your back and biceps.

Due to the triangular base frame design improving the stability of this gym system, you can use the ergonomically designed pull up bars for pull ups and chin ups without worrying about the frame moving.

Isolation exercises are also possible using the weight stacks including variations of rows as well as lat pulldowns and shrugs depending on which specific muscle group you want to target.

The quick change nature of the cable pulley system means you can quickly and easily change the cables from a high position for pulldowns, to a lower position for rows if you wanted to perform more advanced training techniques such as supersets.[/one_half]
Life Fitness G7 Cable Motion Gym With Bench[/one_half_last]

While your biceps will be worked to some degree during these back exercises, the range of cable positions and possible cable attachments means there are also a number of exercises you can perform specifically for your biceps.

Most of these exercises such as concentration curls will be single arm movements, but due to how close together the cable attachments are you can also work both biceps at the same time with standard cable curls.

The following is a list of some of the exercises possible with the Life Fitness G7 for your back and bicep workouts:

[one_half]Back exercises:


  • Lat pulldown
  • Narrow grip pulldown
  • Seated row
  • Cable shrugs
  • Bent over rows
  • Standing single cable row
  • Wide grip pull ups
  • Chin ups
  • Assisted pull ups


[one_half_last]Bicep exercises:


  • Incline biceps curl
  • Standing biceps curl
  • Seated biceps curl
  • Reverse biceps curl
  • Hammer curl
  • Single cable concentration curls




Abs workouts

The Life Fitness G7 home gym utilizes functional training exercises that allow you to strengthen the critical muscle groups of your body’s core, specifically the muscles in your abs, lower back and obliques.

Functional strength training simply means structuring your workouts around the types of movements used for sport-specific, task-specific, or work-related activities. By exercising the muscles used during the activities of everyday living with the Life Fitness G7, you actually improve strength, coordination, range of motion, balance, and mobility.

Abs exercises:


  • Weighted crunches (from the floor)
  • Weighted crunches (seated on the bench)
  • Kneeling abdominal crunch
  • Oblique twist




Legs workouts

Although there is no leg developer provided with the bench, the shrouded weight stacks provide a maximum resistance of over 140kg which make this perfect for compound multi joint exercises such as squats.

As well as the standard handle cable attachments, the Life Fitness G7 also comes with a foot strap and thigh strap. These can be used to perform a range of exercises that are better at isolating individual muscle groups such as leg extensions for your quads and hamstring curls for hamstrings.

Legs exercises:


  • Standing leg extension
  • Standing leg curl
  • Hip abduction
  • Hip adduction
  • Calf raise
  • Lunge
  • Squat


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