Marcy 140 kg Olympic Weight Plate Set

Marcy 140kg Olympic Tri-Grip Cast Iron Weight Plate Set

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The Marcy 140kg Olympic Tri-Grip Cast Iron Weight Plate Set comes with a good range of weight plates to either be used on its own or to compliment an existing power rack or smith machine.

Using the product as it comes is excellent for exercises such as deadlifts and shrugs. These are some of the biggest power exercises for developing shoulders, traps and the entire back. You can also use the set for barbell rows to develop more back thickness or drop the weight and use the bar for barbell curls to work the biceps.

You can also use the bar for more imaginative exercises such as overhead tricep extensions if you want to work the opposite muscle to the biceps and develop all round thickness to your arms. With the help of a weight bench and a stable rack to rest the barbell on you can extend this further and bench press to work the chest, shoulders and triceps as another of the main mass moves.

If you are looking to start Olympic lifting then this is all you need to really get started. Both the lifts start with just a bar resting on the floor and you can develop whole body strength by performing just these two basic moves. Once you get stronger you may need to purchase an additional set of 20kg or 10kg plates but the Marcy 140kg set comes with more than enough weight for anyone that is just starting lifting or has been Olympic lifting for a few years now.

Marcy 140kg Olympic Tri-Grip Cast Iron Weight Plate Set

It is always important to keep a track of how much you lifted on your previous workout and try to go up a little more to get a little stronger the next workout. When you first start lifting you will often see you strength jump quite quickly but after a while you aren’t making those 5kg gains each week on some lifts and you either need to increase the reps by 1 or 2 or the weight slightly.

With this weight plate set, not only do you get a set of the larger 20kg plates, but also some of the smallest plates you can find in the 1.25kgs. These will help break through plateaus when you need to just increase the weight as small an amount as possible just to keep progressing.

The Marcy 140kg Olympic Weight Plate Set consists of a well manufactured set of tri-grip design cast iron weight plate discs that are compatible with any Olympic sized weight lifting machine / bench.

The tri-grip design is used to make picking up the weight and swapping them over a much quicker and easier job. It also allows for weight plate specific exercises like front raises with a weight plate.

The 7ft Olympic barbell will be compatible with any weight bench as the widest rack sizes available are to accommodate 7ft bars so you can be assured this set will fit whatever machine you’re looking to use it with. This 15kg solid steel barbell uses knurling to enhance your grip whilst training to get out those all important last repetitions. 2 Olympic spring locking collars are provided with the Marcy 140kg set to make it quicker and easier to slide the weight plates on and off.


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Marcy 140kg Weight Plate Set – Features Summary


  • 1 X 7ft 15kg Solid Steel Chrome Barbell Bar
  • 1 X Pair Olympic Spring Locking Collars
  • Weight Plates Included: 2 x 20kg, 2 x 15kg, 2 x 10kg, 4 x 5kg, 4 x 2.5kg, 4 x 1.25kg
  • Solid Cast Iron Tri-Grip Plates
  • Marcy Branded with weight increment in kg / lbs on each weight plate
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    Exercises when used with a barbell weight bench


  • Chest: Incline Press, Flat Press, Decline Press
  • Back: Bent Over Row, Reverse Bent Row, Deadlift
  • Shoulders: Shoulder Press, Upright Rows
  • Biceps: Barbell Curls, Reverse Curls
  • Triceps: Tricep Press, Tricep Extensions
  • Legs: Squats, Romanian Deadlifts
  • Abs: Barbell Rollouts
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