Marcy Bruce Lee Dragon Power Rack

Marcy Bruce Lee Dragon Power Rack

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The Marcy Bruce Lee Dragon Power Rack and weight bench. The Dragon Olympic Bench has been precision engineered using 75mm square tubing from heavy duty 14 gauge steel sheet and features club style uprights and chromed safety catches.

Boasting a patented linkage system the bench can pivot forwards and backwards allowing you to complete a full barbell and dumbbell workout programme, whilst the multi-adjustable seat and backrest places the body in the correct ergonomic position for all upper and lower body exercises. This bench provides the ultimate in comfort, stability and versatility.


Upper body workouts using the Marcy Bruce Lee Dragon Power Rack

One of the most important aspects of any good quality power rack is the stability. With many now offering pull up handles it is important that the frame doesn’t need any additional weight to keep it from rocking during the exercise.

The Marcy Bruce Lee power rack has an extended base frame that doesn’t just stop at the corners of the vertical supports, but carries on for 6 to 8 inches for added stability and non slip feet attached to the corners at either end to also prevent the rack from slipping.

Another point with the design is the horizontal base support frame section is positioned far back enough to allow the bench to slide into position and position you directly under the adjustable barbell supports, even when performing overhead presses.


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Marcy Bruce Lee Dragon Power Rack – Features Summary


  • Heavy-duty 14 gauge steel tube frame with a durable powder coated finish
  • High-density box stitched two-tone upholstery constructed from high-grade density foam
  • Multi-position seat and backrest with up to 8 different settings
  • Chrome sliding rail for smooth adjustments
  • Pull-up bar with multi-grip handles
  • Patented multi-position cantilever bench
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    Safety features

    One of the main reasons many people choose a power rack is due to the added safety aspect it adds to their lifting when working out in their home gym without someone around to spot them during a set.

    The Marcy Bruce Lee Dragon Power Rack has been designed with four main safety features, while the bench itself has also been designed to provide additional protection against injury when lifting.

    From the front of the power rack there are the two barbell rests that are wide enough to support even Olympic sized barbells.

    This makes for the perfect resting position for the bar when preparing to do exercises such as lunges. This also makes it quicker to move out of the rack if you want a bit more room and don’t want to adjust the safety bars, such as a set of squats that go through a deeper range of motion.

    [one_half]There are also the steel horizontal bars that run on either side of the Marcy Bruce Lee power rack and act as a support for the lowest point you want to reach when performing an exercise.

    Most used during squats and bench presses, this will help prevent injury from being trapped under a heavy bar while giving you added confidence to try for an extra couple of repetitions.

    A final safety feature worth noting is a second set of bar catches that attach to the higher vertical supports. These are for resting the barbell on when preparing for overhead press, squat or standing calf raise exercises.[/one_half]
    [one_half_last]Bruce Lee Dragon Power Rack safety catches[/one_half_last]


    Marcy Bruce Lee Olympic bench features

    [one_half]The most noticeable difference compared to other bench designs, as well as the patented cantilever bench design, is the added width to the lower back area.

    This helps to provide a feeling of added stability and even if you tend to arch your lower back slightly during exercises, the extra width extends up to support your middle back more too.

    Whether you want to perform incline, decline, flat or nearly vertical bench exercises, with 8 different settings to choose from you can set the angle to suit your exercise.[/one_half]
    [one_half_last]Bruce Lee Dragon Power Olympic Bench[/one_half_last]

    For bicep workouts there is also the preacher curl pad at the front of the bench with textured handles to improve grip. The resistance can be changed by adding weight plates to weight pegs positioned on either side at the bottom of the preacher curl bar.





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