Marcy Bruce Lee Signature Weight Bench

Marcy Bruce Lee Signature Weight Bench Mid Width

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As well as the standalone bench, the Marcy Bruce Lee Signature range also includes a Mid-Width version. This comes attached to a support frame that allows you to perform exercises such as barbell bench press with a heavier weight.

The following product article takes a look at the bench in a bit more detail to help you decide if this is the right choice to buy for your own home gym.


Bench design features

Marcy Bruce Lee Signature Weight Bench

One of the key design points of the Marcy Bruce Lee Signature bench is the way that the backrest can be adjusted and angled.

By releasing a hand wheel locking pin underneath the seat this allows you to slide the back support and seat along the main rail until the back support is at your required position.

This differs from the usual weights bench design, where you are more used to the seat being locked in place and just lifting the back rest to the desired angle.

By sliding the seat along the main rail this keeps your body close to the barbell racks and makes it much safer to perform exercises such as incline bench press.

The bench itself is well padded and stable enough to support an impressive 270kg (135kg maximum user weight and 135kg maximum weight on rack).

This high quality padding is continued throughout the preacher curl attachment which has been added to provide an additional bicep exercises when the weight peg underneath has been loaded with the required level of resistance.

Leg developer attachment

Marcy Bruce Lee Signature Weight Bench

One final addition to the bench worth mentioning is the leg developer. Having a leg developer attachment to isolate your quads and hamstrings is one of the key benefits of the Mid Width version over the standalone Marcy Bruce Lee Signature bench.

If you remove the preacher curl attachment you can either slide the seat all the way forward and perform leg extensions, or set the back support in the flat position and lay facing down on the bench to perform hamstring curls.

These two exercises make the perfect finishing combination to a legs workout after squats, or even when performed before squats if you want to pre-exhaust the muscles.

Squats are another of the exercises that are possible with the Marcy Bruce Lee Signature mid width bench thanks to some useful design features of the rack.


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Marcy Bruce Lee Signature Weight Bench – Features Summary

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  • Multi-position backrest adjusts for flat, incline, decline and military press position
  • Sliding seat rail adjusts and locks into position
  • Rear walk in squat station
  • Mid-width akimbo style weight crutches with 4 press and 2 squat positions
  • Adjustable height safety crutches
  • Height adjustable preacher curl pad & Leg developer
  • Compatible with Standard & Olympic weight plates
  • Two weight plate storage pegs at the back of the bench
  • Heavy duty 14 gauge steel tube frame
  • Accepts 6ft or 7ft Olympic/Standard bars



Rack design

Marcy Bruce Lee Signature Weight Bench

The main goal behind the design of the barbell supports on the rack was to cater for a range of possible exercises through being easily adjustable.

Marcy have succeeded with this thanks to the simple pull out peg design.

You can pull out the barbell supports and adjust them to a higher level for incline benching and shoulder presses, or even slide them into the back of the frame supports to perform squats.

The frame being designed at a slight angle has three main benefits:
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  • Improves the strength and stability when racking and changing weights
  • Keeps the barbell supports out of the way better when performing the pressing exercises
  • Lets you step further under the bar before squats, reducing unnecessary stress on your lower back and limiting the distance you need to walk back to be clear of the rack


As well as improving the strength and stability of the frame, the base supports have also each been fitted with a weight plate storage peg. This allows you to conveniently store the weight plates you aren’t using.


Product Specifications

Maximum User Weight Capacity: 135kg / 297lbs / 21 Stone
Weight Load on Rack: 135kg / 297lbs / 21 Stone
Weight Load on Leg Developer: 45kg / 100lbs
Weight Bench Dimensions: Height: 138cm x Width: 123cm x Length: 154cm
Product Weight: 52kg
Marcy Manufacturers Warranty: 12 Months


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