Marcy Clubline Pivoting Pressdown Bar

Marcy Clubline Pivoting Pressdown Bar

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The Marcy Clubline Pivoting Pressdown Bar is an attachment that can be used with any multi gym or stand alone cable system when attached to one of the cable pulleys.

The rubberised grip handles have two main benefits, one to your training and one to reduce any damage to flooring if dropped.

There are many design features of the grip sections on this pivoting pressdown bar that you won’t find on your average curl or pressdown bar.

The wider sections at the ends help to prevent your hands from slipping off and give you something to press the outside edge of your hand against when performing tricep pressdowns.

There are also stripes of crosshatch texture around the area that will be gripped by the palm of your hand to improve your grip.


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Marcy Clubline Pivoting Pressdown Bar – Features Summary


  • Commercial quality
  • Rubber grips
  • Suitable for use with all multi gyms or machines with cable attachments
  • Swivel loop
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    Exercises you can perform with the Marcy Clubline Pivoting Pressdown bar

    Although the rubberised grip and handle design will help improve your grip on this cable attachment, the part of the design that will improve it most is the pivoting action.

    With your normal straight bar cable attachment, even though your hands want to rotate with the movement of the bar, this often results in your grip having to slide around the bar.

    The pivoting action means the handles will move with your hand movement and keep the natural range of motion.

    While the angle of the pressdown bar will mainly work the lateral head of the tricep when performing pressdowns, you can switch to facing away from the high cable pulley and perform overhead tricep extensions to develop the long and medial heads for better overall tricep development.

    When used on a low cable pulley the Marcy Clubline Pivoting Pressdown Bar can also be effective for bicep curls.

    With similar angles to a cambered bar, this variation of bicep curls is a very effective alternative for anyone who experiences discomfort in their wrists when performing bicep curls with a straight bar attachment.





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