Marcy MP2500 Multi Gym

Marcy MP2500 Multi Gym Review

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The Marcy MP2500 multi gym comes with all the features you would expect from a top quality home gym machine, together with attachments to help add even more possibilities to your exercise plan.

While the design of the Marcy MP2500 looks very simple and tidy, there are actually a number of clever design touches that have been added to help you get the most from your workouts while making the most of the space it takes up either at home or at your gym.

The resistance is created through a 45kg weight stack at the back of the machine that is moved up and down through an intricate pulley system that allows for several sections that each perform very different exercises to all work smoothly using the single weight tower.

Marcy MP2500 Multi Gym Review

Key Features

Starting at the top of the multi gym there is the high cable system, most often used for exercises such as lat pulldowns, but can also be perfect for working the triceps with tricep extensions when standing and facing the weight stack. To stop the bar from hanging down and getting in the way of any other exercises there has also been a hook section added at the front of the top support bar to rest the wide pulldown bar in when not in use.

If you are looking to perform abdominal exercises using the Marcy MP2500 Multi Gym then you can also use the pulldown section for this.

Marcy MP2500 Multi Gym
By sitting in the padded seat facing away from the weight stack and pulling the wide pulldown bar down behind your shoulders you can then perform weighted abdominal crunches by leaning forward and contracting your abdominal muscles.

You can also use the single handle attachment that comes with the multi gym, and while standing side on to the machine, hold onto the handle while it is attached to the high pulley and crunch down on your oblique muscles (muscles either side of your abs). This will also help strengthen your entire core.

Pressing arm and pec dec

Moving down the multi gym the most obvious feature you will see is the pressing arm that has two handles, one either side of the seat. Rather than just having one handle position to hold onto when performing the chest press, the handle loops around to provide 3 different positions to target different areas of the chest depending on the hand position, a feature that you won’t see on many multi gyms.

The independent motion pec dec arms allow you to either use both arms to bring the arms in front of you at the same time, or to hold one side in front of you in contraction while performing single repetitions with the other arm to isolate the contraction and give your chest muscles a bit of variation in their workout.

Marcy MP2500 Multi Gym

Marcy MP2500 Multi Gym – Features Summary

  • 45kg Vinyl Weight Stack with Shrouds. Maximum Resistance: 86kg; Maximum Capacity: 140kg
  • Adjustable Height Seat. Dual Function Press Arm. Oversized Roller Pads on leg developer
  • Independent Motion Pec Fly Arms. Low Pulley Station. 2000lb Tensile Strength Aircraft Cable System
  • Size (LxWxHcm): 173 x 106 x 208. 2″ X 2 3/4″ Heavy Duty Tube Frame
  • Warranty: 2 years frame, 1 year parts

Low cable pulley and exercises

Moving to the back of the Marcy MP2500 Multi Gym, to save space the low cable pulley has been positioned here. This low cable pulley makes it possible to do a large number of exercises that will isolate a specific muscle or area of a muscle.

Being supplied with the ankle strap, straight bar and single handle there are many exercises such as single and double bicep curls, outer thigh raises and upright rows to name a few that can also be performed to add variation to your workouts and tire the muscles to help them grow and stay toned more than multi gyms that aren’t supplied with a low pulley system.

Leg muscle development

It may not be immediately obvious what lower body exercises can be performed with the Marcy MP2500 Multi Gym but there are some that will isolate every area of your quads and hamstrings to provide you with a challenging leg workout.

For working the inner and outer thigh there is the low cable pulley section which can be used in conjunction with the ankle attachment for side leg raises that will strengthen your inner and outer thigh.

To work your hamstrings, you can face the weight stack and rest the back of your calf against the leg developer pad before curling your lower leg up towards your lower back and contracting the hamstring.

The oversized leg developer pads have also been designed to help with muscle isolation and are useful for performing leg extensions to focus on the quadricep muscles (front of the upper leg).

Marcy MP2500 Multi Gym

Overall the Marcy MP2500 Multi Gym has features that will help you work every muscle group until failure and get the most out of your workouts. Thanks to the variation in exercises that is possible from the high and low pulleys and the attachments that are provided (straight bar, cambered pulldown bar, single handle and ankle attachment) you can perform dozens if not hundreds of exercise variations using a weight stack that will provide enough resistance to work the muscles effectively.

If you are looking for a multi gym that you can use at home that offers more weight resistance than the 45kg available in the weight stack of the Marcy MP2500, then it may be worth looking at a multi gym in the Finnlo Bio-Force range, which can provide resistance of up to 100kg per side.

Product weight: 106kg
User weight limit: 140kg

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Multi Gym.

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