Marcy SC8 Spotter Catches

Marcy SC8 Spotter Catchers

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The Marcy SC8 Spotter Catchers have essentially been developed to provide a stable base on which to rest a loaded barbell as a safety measure when bench pressing without a spotter.

There are limits to the exercises that these should be used with, however. These limitations are mainly due to the height and weight limit, but you shouldn’t purchase these if you are looking for a barbell rest for performing a set of squats due to the height just not being suitable.


Adjustable height and weight limits

[one_half]The height range of between 59cm and 92cm means they are perfect for resting a barbell at a height that will prevent having to pick the weight up from the floor.

Acting as a barbell rest for exercises such as barbell curls, shrugs and upright rows are all extra ways in which you could find the Marcy SC8 Spotter Catchers useful.

But their main design purpose is to provide an added element of safety for when you are performing bench presses at home without a spotter. It’s worth bearing in mind the total weight limit for these spotter catchers is 100kg.[/one_half]
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For a full 7ft Olympic bar weighing in around 20kg this means you can bench up to 40kg per side before you will need to upgrade to something capable of supporting heavier weights. In this case a power cage is often the best option.


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Marcy SC8 Spotter Catchers – Features Summary


  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction
  • Multiple height Adjustments
  • Non-skid rubber floor pads
  • Wide contoured crunch tips, Durable Hammertone paint finish
  • Dimensions: 76 cm x 52 cm x 52 cm. Max Height: 92cm. Min Height: 59cm. Weight Limit: 100kg (15stone 7lbs).
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    Using the Catchers to support bench pressing

    If you don’t have the need or the space for a full power rack or smith machine, then the Marcy SC8 spotter catchers can be adjusted to a height that will support the bar at its lowest point in the range of motion, preventing you from being pinned under the weight.

    The base has been designed in a cross shape to make sure that all sides of the catcher are equally supported, and keep them stable if you are attempting to rest the barbell on the crunch tips at the top.

    [one_half]These have been designed with a wide contour to make it easier for you to rack the weight.

    No matter where you rack the barbell in the top of the Marcy SC8 catchers, the dip in the middle means that the bar will always come to rest at an even point.

    If you find you need to adjust the height of the spotter catchers during your workout then it is simply a case of unscrewing the hand wheels and sliding the catcher up or down to the hole position that suits your height requirement.[/one_half]
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