Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine

Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine Review

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The Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine is another excellent smith machine product from Marcy that has features which allow you to work every muscle group effectively through both the smith machine bar itself, the cables and the bench.

Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine Review

Upper body workouts

The main high cable pulley means you can do all the main lat pulldown and tricep extension exercises once you have the correct attachments. You can slide the bench out completely to allow you to perform tricep extensions with the rope attachment, or you can keep the bench in place and use the rope attachment for seated ab crunches with added resistance, or for lat pulldowns with the wide bar attachment.

Because of the way the supporting bar runs across the top of the smith machine frame, this means it stays very strong and stable with minimal rocking motion even with heavy weights. This is compared to some of the stand alone lat pulldown machines that can rock or lean slightly when performing lat pulldowns with heavy weight.

As well as the high cable there is also a low cable towards the back of the Marcy SM4000 that allows for further back development through seated rows. You can put all your strength into these too thanks to the solid footplate fitted at the back, and solid construction around the pulley system itself. This low pulley also allows for a more varied bicep workout thanks to the rope attachment making rope curls possible, either while seated on the edge of the bench or when standing.

The front preacher pad and handles provides further exercises for working the biceps.

For chest and upper body work, the bench can be left flat for working the bulk of the chest more, or you can isolate the upper chest or shoulder muscles by quickly and easily sliding out the pin and setting it to more of an incline or nearly vertical position.



Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith

Marcy SM4000 – Features Summary

  • 50mm x 75mm and 50mm x 50mm Heavy Duty Tubular Steel Construction.
  • Durable Charcoal Powder Coat Finish
  • 10cm Nylon Pulleys With Sealed Ball Bearings
  • 900kg Tensile Strength Aircraft Cable
  • High Quality 25mm Chrome Guide Rods
  • Smiths Ultra Glide Bushings Assures Smoothest Movement
  • Commercial Grade Pop Pin Adjustments With Tightening Feature
  • Frame Structure Features A 7 Degree Slant Designed To Accommodate The Natural Upper And Lower Body Movements
  • ‘Off The Floor’ Base Frame Design Provides Increased Stability
  • Adjustable Bar Catches and Safety Stoppers. Cage Uprights Feature Chromed Diamond Striker Plates And Commercial Grade Bar And Safety Catches
  • Diamond Plated Non Slip Foot Brace For Seated Row Exercise. 6 Olympic Plate Storage Pegs. Includes Lat Bar, Tricep Rope, Shiver Bar, Ankle Strap, Single Handle And Chromed V Bar
  • AB4050 Multi-Function Bench Included With Preacher Pad And Olympic Sleeve On Leg Developer
  • Chrome Sliding Track For Easy Pop Pin Back Pad Angle Adjustment

Lower body workout

The smith machine is well known as one of the best machines for working your leg muscles. The hamstrings, quads and even glutes all get worked effectively through squats, and there is no safer piece of equipment than a smith machine such as the MARCY SM4000 for performing this exercise.

You can carry out back squats, front squats or even one legged squats with as much weight as you feel comfortable without worrying about getting pinned under the bar like can happen with free weights without a spotter. This is thanks to the safety collars that slide up and down the bars and lock in place to stop the bar dropping any lower than your chosen position.

The MARCY SM4000 also features a 7 degree slant on the angle of the track that the bar slides up and down. This helps for both the upper and lower body work and you can feel it is a much more natural movement than if the bar had been designed to move straight up or down. You can also load up the weight on the front of the bench and perform leg extensions to work the quadricep muscles even more either before or after squats.

If you do have a separate Olympic bar at home and want to perform free weight exercises then the MARCY SM4000 has been designed with supports that can be locked in place at the front. These have been angled to help support the bar and will add an extra element of safety to your free weight workouts.

Being a piece of equipment that you have to build yourself, it’s best to set aside as large an area as possible to start with. It’s useful to have an extra person to help you set it up as some of the parts are rather heavy and may be awkward for someone setting it up on their own.

The MARCY SM4000 is an extremely strong and robust machine for the serious home gym. Ergonomically designed to complement the body’s natural movements – this machine features pec dec, foot brace for seated row, 6 Olympic storage pegs, lat bar, tricep rope, shiver bar, ankle strap, single handle and chromed v-bar. It also includes a separate utility bench with arm curl pad and leg developer

Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith

The Marcy SM4000 Deluxe Smith Machine offers a great variety of exercises for all muscle groups at a price that is around the same as an annual membership to some gyms, and much cheaper than some other similar products.

If you were to combine this with a separate Olympic bar for free weight exercises, a set of dumbbells and a range of Olympic weight plates, you would find that it is all you need for years of great home workouts.

This is due to the range of exercises available, the ability to increase resistance up to 270kg on the main bar, and the well built nature of this smith machine.

Product dimensions: 210cm (H) x 198cm (W) x 175cm (L)
Product weight: 156kg
Weight limit: 270kg

Update September 2021

This product is no longer available for purchase online. To find current alternatives, please see the recent reviews of Multi Gym.

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