Marcy SM600 Smith Machine

Marcy SM600 Smith Machine & Adjustable Utility Weight Bench

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The Marcy SM600 is a great example of a smith machine that features a bench that can be removed if necessary to perform movements other than overhead presses and bench presses, such as shrugs or deadlifts.

As well as the fact the bench can be separated from the main smith machine, the weight bench that comes with the Marcy SM600 smith machine can be adjusted to suit whichever exercise you are looking to do, from decline to incline and be changed very quickly so as not to waste time between sets if you are looking to superset one form of bench press with another.


Safety features with the Marcy SM600

As well as the features that come with the bench, the main smith machine has been designed with safety in mind and has a safety catcher on each side to prevent the bar from dropping below a fixed point, while the ultra glide bushings mean the pressing arm moves smoothly throughout the pressing movements which helps you be more confident that the weight you load on the bar is the real weight you are moving and not being added to from any resistance on the movement of the bar.


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Marcy SM600 Smith Machine – Features Summary

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  • 2″ x 2″ Heavy Duty Tubular Steel Construction. Durable Charcoal Powder Coated Finish. High Grade Chromed Guide Rods.
  • ‘UltraGlide’ bushings assure smooth operation. Frame structure features a 7 degree slant designed to accommodate the body’s natural upper and lower movements.
  • Wide base frame design increases stability. Adjustable bar catches with rubber safety stops. Commercial grade press bar and safety catches.
  • 2 weight plate storage pegs. Includes Multi-function bench with flat, incline and military position. Suitable for use with standard and Olympic plates.



Although you have to purchase the weight plates separately, this is normal with the vast majority of smith machines. When you have bought the weights to load onto the bars, the Marcy SM600 also features a weight plate storage post on each side of the machine to store the weight plates when not in use.

As well as the safety catchers that can be locked in place to support the bar if the weight becomes too much, there are also support holes in either side of the main frame where the bar can be locked in place at the end of a set simply by rotating your hands slightly.

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